Overseas NGOs register in Fujian, Henan and Yunnan

A number of representative offices of overseas NGOs recently registered in Fujian, Henan and Yunnan provinces.


In Fujian province, the Administrative Office of Overseas NGO issued the Taiwan World Journalism and Communication Association (台湾世界新闻传播协会) with their registration credentials. The Taiwan World Journalism and Communication Association was established in 2010, aiming to promote education, culture, public communication, art activity and academic research.微信图片_20180122154000

In Henan province, a registration certificate was issued to the Yunnan branch office of the Chi Heng Foundation. Representatives from the Department of Public Security of Henan Province, the Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries in Henan province, the Zhengzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau and the Foundation itself attended the ceremony. The Chi Heng Foundation was incorporated in Hong Kong in 1998. In 2002 it began to carry out activities to assist impoverished students in Henan Province. Over the years, the foundation has conducted activities such as providing tuition fees and living expenses for disadvantaged teenagers and children, offering psychological counselling and vocational skill training, distributing supplies and so on.


In Yunnan province, the local administrative office issued registration certificates to several overseas NGOs, including the Yunnan branch office of the Go and Love Foundation, the Sowers Action and the Zhi-Shan Foundation Taiwan. Directors of the Education Department and the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office in Yunnan province attended the ceremony. The three overseas NGO expressed their gratitude, saying that they will closely cooperate with the relevant government departments.

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