Shanghai’s Adream tops transparency ranking of China’s philanthropic foundations

界面发布“2016年中国最透明慈善公益基金会排行榜” 上海真爱梦想荣登榜首

Source: 界面新闻

Shanghai’s Adream Charitable Foundation is China’s most transparent philanthropic foundation, followed by China Red Cross foundation and China Charities Aid Foundation for Children, according to the 2016 Chinese Philanthropic Foundation Transparency Ranking.

Jiemian News, a well-established digital media, released the rankings last Friday. It picked 50 philanthropic foundations out of the 300 with the highest charity expenditure in 2016.

The ranking takes into account the width and depth of information disclosure of the foundations, in practice the fundraising details, financial reports and daily information that may influence the running of their projects.

The team that used to compile the now defunct Forbes China Philanthropy list took part in the creation of this new list.

Here are Jiemian’s rankings for the top 10 most transparent foundations in 2016:

  1. Shanghai’s Adream Charitable Foundation
  2. China Red Cross Foundation
  3. China Charities Aid Foundation for Children
  4. China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation
  5. Amway Foundation
  6. China Youth Development Foundation
  7. China Children and Teenagers’ Fund
  8. AI Youth Foundation
  9. Narada Foundation
  10. Zhejiang Youth Development Foundation

Translated by Yuan Ye