Shopping festival to help the disabled opened

5.15助残购物节:消费即慈善 买卖共助残

Source: 新浪公益

The opening ceremony of the “Jingdong/Dream One Shopping Festival” was held in Beijing on May the 10th. The activity is co-organised by Jingdong Mall (京东商城), a Chinese electronic commerce company better known as and the Dream One Foundation (梦无缺基金会), and it aims to help the disabled in China.

The festival, based on the idea of “consumption for charity”, will officially kick off on the 15th of May, the National Day of Helping Disabled Persons. More than 1000 shops from Jingdong Mall will join in and voluntarily donate 1% to 10% of the day’s turnover to the Dream One Foundation. These funds will be used to support the 3D printing of prosthesis for the disabled.

It is hoped that this case of cooperation between one of China’s largest online retailers and a charitable foundation will set a good example of how the power of the internet can be harnessed for charitable causes.

Translated by Shuhua Tang

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