Southern Daily – Guangdong lianghui rep: Expand govt contracting of social orgs

Guangdong lianghui representative: We should expand government procurement of social organization services

Southern Daily (南方日报), January 31, 2013

At the Guangdong provincial meeting of the Guangdong People’s Congress and the Guangdong People’s Political Consultative Conference, committee member Huang Xiqin recommended that the government put greater effort into the procurement of services from social organizations. Comparing the number of social organizations per ten thousand residents in a number of other countries (France 110, Japan 97, US 52, Argentina 25, Singapore 14.5, and Brazil 13), Huang pointed out that China possess only 2.7 social organizations per ten thousand residents. According to Huang, 85 percent of Guangdong’s social organizations are not fit to accept the transfer of government function, and 91 percent are not yet able to contract services to the government. He also noted the lack of qualified personnel in the field.

Summary by Amanda Brown-Inz. See for full text. (Chinese)

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