State Council revises the administrative regulations for the registration of social organizations

李克强签署国务院令 公布修改《社会团体登记管理条例》等行政法规的决定

Source: 中国社会组织动态

During its 119th executive meeting, the State Council has approved the State Council Decree 666. This Decree announces the revision of the “Regulation on the Registration and Administration of Social Organizations”, and the revised version has been in force since its announcement on February 6th.

The changes are mainly concerned with the preparation and registration of social organizations. According to the new regulations, the applying person (发起人)must make a preliminary application for registration (申请登记) to the registration and management agency (登记管理机关), rather than making an application for the preparation of the organization (申请筹备). Consequently, the required application documents for the preparation have now been changed into documents for registration, and the approval for preparation has been converted into an approval for registration. The State Council also stated the required information for registration, including: the name of the organization, its residence, aims, sphere of business, the regions where it will hold its activities, its legal person, its sources of funding, and its supervising units. The legal person should not take up the same responsibility in other social organizations, the new regulations add.

Translated by Cao Yuqian

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