Sustainable living found to be a bottom-up pursuit among young professionals

A report on the trend of sustainability among young professionals was published by the Bottledream, a social enterprise as well as a B corporation. The research team used a qualitative method looking into more than 1,000 people they engaged with over the past eight years and hope to tease out the drive behind the increasing awareness of sustainability among these young people.

The research team found that the views these people hold regarding sustainability seem to be a collection of ideas, including “care for durable quality”, “perspective from system-thinking”, “genuine pursuit of public interest”, and “daily actions rather than lofty concepts”. It is found that the gender ratio of this population is 1:3 between man and woman, and most of them live in key cities, especially Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. The report categories the population into five groups: the “best-out-of-waste-type”, the “community type”, the “geeky type”, and “share-economy type”, and the “less-but-better type”.

The research team discovered that the drive toward sustainable living comes from a sense of dissatisfaction toward the rapid-paced and unhealthy modern lifestyle. The trend of such pursuit is self-motivated within these individuals and thus bottom-up within the society.

Translated by Alicia Huang (CDB)

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