Taking the Legal Road for Protecting Public Interest Assets


Source: China Fortune, 中国财富

Over the summer, the Magezhuang Campus of the Chaoyang District New Citizens School (新公民学校), a school dedicated to the education of the children of migrant workers, was ordered to temporarily cease its operations. The school is part of the Narada Foundation New Citizens Plan, which renovates existing schools for migrant children and provides additional training and resources for the schools.

The Narada Foundation was quite surprised to receive a notice from the Chaoyang District Education Committee ordering them to cease operation of the school, as they had initially received a positive response from authorities and had been in the process of formerly seeking approval for the school only months before. Seeking an explanation, they approached the deputy village chief, and a member of the Chaoyang District Education Committee, but did not receive a clear answer about the reason for the closure, or any assurance about the future of the school’s students. Frustrated at this turn of events, the Narada Foundation has decided to use legal means to get compensation for the money it invested in the school.

Translated by CDB Staff

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