Yunnan releases implementation measures for the mandatory reporting of domestic violence

It has been reported that the government of Yunnan Province recently released the Implementation Measures for the Mandatory Reporting System of Domestic Violence. Yunnan is the first province in China to introduce specific implementation measures regarding the mandatory reporting of domestic violence. The promulgation of the “Measures” will provide a basis for the responsible departments to discover and report domestic violence and play an important role in preventing it, as well as protecting the interests of those who have no or restricted legal capacity.

The “Measures” defines the main body of responsibilities for the mandatory reporting of domestic violence, so that the way in which the reporting should be carried out and the law enforcement responsibilities of the relevant departments are specific and clear. When there are serious cases of domestic violence, the Women’s Federation and the relevant departments and professional organisations will intervene and make decisions, and the public security organs will take risk assessments and investigations.

The “Measures” also recognises phenomena such as sexual violence, neglect, abandonment, abuse, forced marriage, forced or incited begging, and being forced to engage in dangerous stunt performances, drug use, drug trafficking, theft, and other criminal behaviour as domestic violence, in line with the international community, and includes them within the scope of mandatory reporting.