NGOs operating in Beijing.

21st Century Education Research Institute

Researching educational problems from an independent perspective, and using the strength of society to advance education.

Aibai Culture & Education Center (ACEC)

Promoting equal rights for the Chinese LGBT community.


Promoting the establishment of new social support systems for impoverished children and families.

Ark of Love

Helping those with AIDS to obtain high quality treatment and effective medication free of charge, strengthening the confidence of those with AIDS, and helping them to live happy and fulfilled lives.

Beijing Aili Myasthenia Gravis Care Center

To help the people living with myasthenia gravis (MG) gain equal rights and improve their quality of life.

Beijing Brooks

Focus the diversification of educational methods and practices.

Beijing Fengtai Lizhi Rehabilitation Center

Improving the psychological and physical health of mentally disabled people, building a social support network for the mentally disabled, help them to participate in social activities, and generally working to improve their quality of life.

Beijing Green Cross

Promote an environmentally conscious lifestyle in rural areas, to “make the countryside more like the countryside”.

Beijing Hongdandan Education and Culture Exchange Center

Helping those with visual disabilities to see the world.

Beijing Hui Ling Community Services for People with Intellectual Disabilities

Promote forms of community service and improve the quality of life of mentally disabled persons.