NGOs operating in Chongqing


Agriterra is an organization based in the Netherlands that focuses on agriculture in developing countries. Agriterra provides expert advice to cooperatives and organizations of farmers in developing countries, helping to professionalize them and strengthening them to fight hunger and poverty. It also helps them link up to Dutch businesses. It aims to help ambitious farmers ...

Bring Me Hope Foundation

Bring Me Hope is dedicated to improving the lives and futures of Chinese orphans.

Catholic Love Services of the Diocese of Wanzhou, Chongqing

Universal love and dedication—to practice universal love and provide services.

Centre of Self-Help Services for the Disabled (CSS)

Provide consulting services for vulnerable groups and promote their capacity building.

The Chongqing Green Volunteer League

We are committed to the protection of the Yangtze River Region, carrying out environmental education, environmental legal services, and public participation, as well as collaboration and exchange with the outside world, advocating a consciousness and values that support environmental protection.

Chongqing Hemophilia Rehabilitation Association

Help people living with hemophilia receive proper treatment and live a normal life.

Chongqing Huiling Community Services for People with Intellectual Disabilities

Promoting community-based service models and improving the quality of life of people with intellectual disabilities.

Chongqing Tongxin Workgroup

Pay close attention to the living conditions of LGBT people in China, and promote gay culture and public health with a focus on HIV/AID issues.

Humana People to People China

Humana People to People (HPP) came to China in 2005 when the organization began working in Yunnan province. HPP is a larger federation of NGOs based in Switzerland. HPP China’s primary work focuses on poverty alleviation and promoting sustainability. Their mission is to promote solidarity between people, to promote development in impoverished communities through the ...

MSI Professional Services

Our mission is to provide an efficient and effective association framework that enables our member firms to expand their businesses.