NGOs operating in Guizhou

Global Village

Taking the promotion of the participatory “build a harmonious society, construct a civilized attitude” government strategy as our responsibility. Promoting the “happiness” concept of mind and spirit integration, carrying out rural eco-community building that emphasizes happy communities and happy homes, providing environmental education services and “happy” social work skill training such as energy resource and chemical safety, establishing a “Happy Home” focused on the care of “left-behind” children and rural community development.

Guangzhou Grassroots Education Support Association

Endeavor to improve the living conditions of the children in poverty, left-behind children and migrant children.

Gratia Foundation

The Gratia Foundation was registered in Hong Kong in 1999 as a nonprofit charity. It was founded as a Christian organization to service disadvantaged people in China, especially the children. Programs include: Since 2004: Chinese Children Village program (中国儿童村). Provides homes for orphans and other children in need. Currently there are three Children Villages in ...

Guizhou Civil Scholarship Society

Helping students to read books, and to read better books.

Guizhou Torch Rural Development Foundation

Advance education in mountainous areas, and protect ethnic community culture.

Guizhouren Net

Engaging in projects and activities regarding river protection and environmental education, promoting individual action, and exploring the harmonious development of humans and nature.

Heren Institute of Rural Development

Efficient village governance and equal development.

Hong Kong Xiaoping Education Foundation

An equal education opportunity for every child.

Horizon Education Center of China

Striving for equal education opportunities and promoting the development of society.

Institute for Integrated Rural Development Hong Kong

Assisting the rural poor in China to improve their living standards and enhance their development capabilities