NGOs operating in Jiangsu

BN Vocational School

Providing standardized, professional education for the children of impoverished families.

Chunhui Youth Philanthropy Development Center

To educate responsible young people, create a socially-conscious elite, explore different forms of philanthropy, and advance the development of society.

Firefly Help for The Disabled Station in Nanjing Gulou District

Empowering disabled people and helping them to support themselves.

Green Jiangnan Public Environment Protection Center

Protect water resource around Taihu Lake Basin.

Green Stone Environmental Action Network

Contributing to local environmental protection through citizen education, awareness-raising and participation. We believe that local environment problems can be solved through deeper and more widespread public participation.

Hellor R & E Center

Huai River Eco-Environment Research Center (Huai River Guard)

Promote the establishment of a system of public participation, tackle the Huai River`s pollution problems, foster public awareness, provide a high level of scientific research, and contribute to the steady and sustainable development of the Huai River Basin`s economy and society.

Institute for Sustainable Communities

ISC has worked in 30 countries around the globe and has developed over 103 sustainable projects. We arrived in China in 2007, equipped with a depth of experience in multilateral cooperation on issues of sustainability and capacity development of key stakeholders in urban development. We work with partners in government, the private sector, academia, and the social sector to advance urban sustainability and sustainable manufacturing in China.

International Youth Foundation

To positively impact the greatest number of young people in as many places as possible, in the shortest amount of time, with programs that are effective and in ways that are sustainable. IYF focuses on youth employment, life skills, youth leadership, and health education.

Jiangsu Province Xuzhou Xinyuan Volunteer Service Center

Promote participation and overcome difficulties caused by disabilities and live together in harmony.