NGOs operating in Shaanxi

Baoji Grass Healing and Training Center for Disabled Children

We are committed to improving the quality of life and educational situation of disabled children and children with cerebral palsy, in order for them to obtain equal rights and achieve integration into mainstream society.

Baoji Xinxing Aid for Street Kids

Promoting public awareness of the problems faced by homeless children, endowing homeless children with the necessary skills for self-reliance, self-confidence, and self-preservation.

Blue Dolphin Special Education Center

Education and research on autistic and intellectually challenged children, working to improve evaluation systems and rehabilitation training methods for autistic and intellectually challenged children, so that special needs children can enjoy the same level of education as their counterparts.

Children’s Village under Shaanxi Research Association

Help children to regain their smiles and enjoy happy childhoods.

Chun Hua Women’s Sustainable Development Association

Helping women and their families to escape poverty and live in an equal, respectful and harmonious society.

Global Village

Taking the promotion of the participatory “build a harmonious society, construct a civilized attitude” government strategy as our responsibility. Promoting the “happiness” concept of mind and spirit integration, carrying out rural eco-community building that emphasizes happy communities and happy homes, providing environmental education services and “happy” social work skill training such as energy resource and chemical safety, establishing a “Happy Home” focused on the care of “left-behind” children and rural community development.

Global Volunteers

Extraordinary International Volunteer Programs Waging Peace Through International Volunteer Programs

Help Age International

Our mission is to promote the wellbeing and inclusion of older women and men, and reduce poverty and discrimination in later life.

Hong Kong Xiaoping Education Foundation

An equal education opportunity for every child.

Horizon Education Center of China

Striving for equal education opportunities and promoting the development of society.