NGOs working in Zhejiang

China Mangrove Conservation Network

Encouraging government, business, and the public to carry out coastal wetlands conservation through establishing a platform for capacity building, resource sharing, and model advocacy.

Dishui Charity Association

Encouraging more people to participate in public interest work, and developing more social services.

Emergency Rescue One & One

Assisting the relevant departments with disaster prevention, relief and mitigation.

Grassroots Home

Improving workers' cultural life and overall living conditions.

Green Jiangnan Public Environment Protection Center

Protect water resource around Taihu Lake Basin.

Green Zhejiang

Promoting low-carbon lifestyles and the open publication of environmental data; enhancing public awareness of environmental protection.

Hangzhou Net Volunteer Branch Association

Where the heart is, there is love.

Justice for All

Developing anti-discrimination public service activities in fields such as gender, disability, and AIDS, and addressing issues of food and medicine safety.

Nanjing Amity NGO Development Center

Promoting the development of social organizations, exploring different methods of society building, and improving the growth of civil society.

The Nanjing Bo'ai Service Center

Helping adults with intellectual disabilities to return to society.