NGOs operating nationwide

China Foundation Center

Establishing an information disclosure platform for foundations, providing the necessary capacity-building services for the development of the industry, promoting the formation of industry self-regulating mechanisms and enhancing public credibility, cultivating a positive, transparent public interest culture.

China Global Fund Watch Initiative

We promote the development of Chinese civil society through the establishment of partnerships between national and international NGOs, governmental organizations, scholars, and companies, through addressing societal issues of widespread concern, and through advocacy of good governance and public participation.

China HIV/AIDS Information Network (CHAIN)

Enabling information sharing and communication through the establishment of an open information exchange platform for AIDS, and encouraging all members of Chinese society to participate in AIDS prevention work.

China Rural Library

Helping young people in rural areas to become healthy and active citizens.

China Star Light Charity Fund Association

Founded in 1996 and registered in 2000 as a Hong Kong non-profit charity, the purpose of China Star Light Charity Fund Association is poverty alleviation and educational support in “old revolutionary base areas, minority inhabited areas, frontier areas and poverty stricken areas”. The Association aims to help poverty-stricken areas develop economic self-sufficiency. This includes investing ...

China Teaching-Assistance

Improve the education conditions of underdeveloped regions in China.

China WTO Network

Enabling trade to promote development and justice, benefiting the interests of the poor.

China Zigen Rural Education & Development Association

Meeting the basic needs of education and medical treatment for disadvantaged groups.

China-Dolls Center for Rare Disorders

Building an equal and respectful social environment for people with rare disorders.

Chinese Children Charities

Chinese Children Charities was founded in 1992 by a Chinese-American husband and wife, Rev. Joshua Zhong and Lily Nie. The organization was founded to provide support for Chinese orphan children, and find adoptive homes for them in the United States. Since its founding the organization has found homes in the US for more than 12500 ...