NGOs working on children rights, childcare and other child protection related sectors

VIVA China Foundation for Children with Cancer

VIVA China Foundation for Children with Cancer is a Hong Kong based charity that was founded in December 2014 with the purpose of saving children diagnosed with cancer through research, education, and medical services. The first project undertaken by VIVA in China is supporting the First National Study Group in Childhood Leukemia under the leadership of Shanghai ...

Willoong Voluntary Service and Research Center of Fucheng, Mianyang 

Build a "cloud" mechanism of volunteer service; Promote sustainable development of volunteerism; Increase GDP - VS.

Woyang Philanthropic Association

Charity for all.

Wuhu Sunshine Love Association

Focus on children from poor families, committed to rural education development.

Xiangzhou Love Autism Community

Help people living with autism live a normal life.

Xinhe Social Work Service Center of Yuexiu District, Guangzhou

Warming every family with love and companionship.

Changchun Xinyu Volunteer Association

Support social organizations and help the young and disabled.

Xinzheng Sunshine Health Center

Advocate equal rights and benefits for HIV/AIDS affected people.

Xishuangbanna Women and Children Counseling and Legal Aid Center

Decreasing and eradicating discrimination and injustice against women and children from marginalized minority communities, and helping these women and children to hav safe, equal, and comfortable lives.

Yingshang County Volunteers’ Association

Developing the field of public interest work, serving society and the public.