NGOs working on children rights, childcare and other child protection related sectors

Yingshang County Volunteers’ Association

Developing the field of public interest work, serving society and the public.

Yiwu Love Community

Improving the educational situation in impoverished communities in Western China, and establishing a harmonious society.

YMCA Hong Kong

The YMCA of Hong Kong endeavours to fulfill its role as a leading Christian Organization dedicated to the furtherance of justice, peace, truth and hope.

Yunnan Development Center for Youth

Building a harmonious society and promoting the development of young people.

Zhaotong Environment Protection Volunteers Association

To achieve harmony between human and nature.

Zhi-shan Charitable foundation

Based on the ideal of multi-cultural respect and borderless love, we dedicate ourselves to converging support from the general public to help underprivileged communities achieve their highest level of development.

Zhuhai Xiangzhou Women-And-Children Social Organizaiton Service Centre of Family

To help develop social organizations specializing in children and women’s rights and provide a platform for those organizations.

Zhuhai Zhuo Yue Community Development Service Center

Spread love, and make the world a kind and gentle place.