NGOs working on children rights, childcare and other child protection related sectors

Yiwu Love Community

Improving the educational situation in impoverished communities in Western China, and establishing a harmonious society.

Yunnan Development Center for Youth

Building a harmonious society and promoting the development of young people.

Zhaotong Environment Protection Volunteers Association

To achieve harmony between human and nature.

Zhi-shan Charitable foundation

Based on the ideal of multi-cultural respect and borderless love, we dedicate ourselves to converging support from the general public to help underprivileged communities achieve their highest level of development.

Zhuhai Xiangzhou Women-And-Children Social Organizaiton Service Centre of Family

To help develop social organizations specializing in children and women’s rights and provide a platform for those organizations.

Zhuhai Zhuo Yue Community Development Service Center

Spread love, and make the world a kind and gentle place.