NGOs working on children rights, childcare and other child protection related sectors

China Service Ventures

China Service Ventures aims to provide support to left behind children in Henan province, and is authorized to provided services in the whole of the province. Currently the organization has staff in Xinyang, and has expanded into the Luoyang area. CSV provides financial aid, trains and equips teachers and school administrators, and facilitates faculty and student exchanges. CSV ...

China Star Light Charity Fund Association

Founded in 1996 and registered in 2000 as a Hong Kong non-profit charity, the purpose of China Star Light Charity Fund Association is poverty alleviation and educational support in “old revolutionary base areas, minority inhabited areas, frontier areas and poverty stricken areas”. The Association aims to help poverty-stricken areas develop economic self-sufficiency. This includes investing ...

Chinese Agape Foundation

The Agape Foundation has been working on the ground in China and other Asian countries for over 20 years. In China, Agape provides homes, education, and medical care for children in need. It cares for more than 400 children in five orphan care centers (in Guangxi, Jiangxi and Sichuan) and three regional foster care centers. In ...

Chinese Children Charities

Chinese Children Charities was founded in 1992 by a Chinese-American husband and wife, Rev. Joshua Zhong and Lily Nie. The organization was founded to provide support for Chinese orphan children, and find adoptive homes for them in the United States. Since its founding the organization has found homes in the US for more than 12500 ...

Chinese Organization for Rare Disorders(CORD)

To promote exchange and cooperation among rare disease patients and organizations, medical specialists, pharmaceutical companies and governmental agencies.

Chinese Women's Health Network

Raise consciousness of gender related issues,and advance healthy and coordinated development of human society.

Christian Action

Our Aim is to serve those who are disadvantaged, marginalized, displaced or abandoned. Our Service is to give them hope, dignity and self-reliance. Our Mission is based on the example of Jesus Christ who came to reach and serve all people, regardless of their age, gender, nationality or religion.

Christian Action

Christian Action was founded as a registered charity organization in 1985 in Hong Kong with the mission to help the poor, disadvantaged, displaced, marginalized and abandoned. Christian Action began cooperating with the Qinghai Provincial Government in 1996 and opened the Xining Children’s home in 1998. Most of the children at Xining Children’s Home suffer from ...

Christian Education, Development and Relief (CEDAR) Fund

To relieve poverty and suffering and to promote measures of health among the most needy peoples, to reach sustainable development.

Cross-Land Commonweal

To raise the educational level of rural children and teenagers.