NGOs working on children rights, childcare and other child protection related sectors

Fuyang AIDS Orphan Salvation Association

Helping children that are infected with HIV/AIDS and those who are living in poverty, launching public education campaigns on HIV/AIDS, and working to eliminate social discrimination.

Gansu Yixin Psychological Consultation Centre

Calling from soul to soul, reaching out from heart to heart to establish gender equality and a healthy and harmonious society.

Gesanghua Tutoring

Assisting the development of Qinghai community youths.

GETCH Community Department

Providing an education and exchange platform for disabled youths.

Gichon Social Service Center for Community

Promote social services by uniting the society.

Global Village

Taking the promotion of the participatory “build a harmonious society, construct a civilized attitude” government strategy as our responsibility. Promoting the “happiness” concept of mind and spirit integration, carrying out rural eco-community building that emphasizes happy communities and happy homes, providing environmental education services and “happy” social work skill training such as energy resource and chemical safety, establishing a “Happy Home” focused on the care of “left-behind” children and rural community development.

Guangzhou Grassroots Education Support Association

Endeavor to improve the living conditions of the children in poverty, left-behind children and migrant children.

Growing Home

Meeting the needs of growing children through youth care and special products and services.

Gu Haiying Charity Workshop of Shawan County, Xinjiang

Care about the human race, the human society and the natural world.

Guangzhou Fenfang Language Training Center for Deaf Children

Allowing deaf children to advance in a noiseless world.