NGOs working on children rights, childcare and other child protection related sectors

Guangzhou Growth Dynamics Social Work Professional Development and Resource Centre

Nurture the Young, Create the Future

Guangzhou Lezhu Students Supporting Charity Association

Devote ourselves to educational assistance, and help those in need accomplish their goals.

Guizhou Civil Scholarship Society

Helping students to read books, and to read better books.

Guizhou Torch Rural Development Foundation

Advance education in mountainous areas, and protect ethnic community culture.

Half the Sky Foundation

Half the Sky was created in order to enrich the lives of orphaned children in China. We provide model programs and caregiver training designed to offer loving, family-like care to children of all ages and abilities. It is our goal to ensure that every orphaned child has a caring adult in her life and a chance at a bright future.

Hangzhou Net Volunteer Branch Association

Where the heart is, there is love.

Hellor R & E Center

The Hemophilia Home of China

Striving to improve the quality of life of hemophiliacs throughout the country!

Hisoul Education Community

Inspire and educate young people.

Holt China Children’s Services

Holt International Children’s Services is dedicated to carrying out God’s plan for every child to have a permanent, loving home through family preservation, in-country adoption, and international adoption.