Community Development

NGOs working on community development

Genuine Love

Focusing on youths in Western China, to promote the development of experiencial education and the innovation of Chinese education models.

Gichon Social Service Center for Community

Promote social services by uniting the society.

Global PAFS

Combating the declining trend in global biodiversity, safeguarding the eco-security bottom

Go and Love Foundation

Helping empower materially and spiritually deprived communities to be self-sustaining, independent, and holistic.

Grassroots Community Volunteer Association

Spirit Home for Volunteers, Hope Home for the Disadvantaged, Green Home for the Public Spirit

Green Anhui

Promoting the sustainable development of environment and society in Anhui through environmental protection activities, public environmental education and the promotion of civil society.

GreenModel Environmental Protection Center

Be the advocates and disseminators to promote environmental knowledge and waste reduction.

Guangzhou Canke Community Action Institute

Enhance the opportunities for public participation and advocate the development of civil society.

Gucheng District Hehejiayuan Community Learning and Service Center

Improve ethnic minorities’ self-development capabilities, and help the construction of a harmonious countryside.

Qixian Guoren Rural Culture Development Center

Promote social justice and equal access to education in rural areas.