Community Development

NGOs working on community development

Kangmei Institute of Community Development and Marketing

Promoting participatory work methods, and improve sustainable development and the protection of nature in rural communities.


To address the social problem of uneven distribution of opportunities, which we believe is the root cause of disharmony, by cultivating an orderly, caring, fair, harmonious and moderately well-off society.

Kunming Looming Public Service

To build cooperation in the field of public service, to use resources from universities and local communities, to help individuals and groups involve in public services, to devote local philanthropy to local services.

Lanzhou Xingbang Cultural Consultancy and Service Centre

Cooperating with people pursuing similar goals and advancing the country through public welfare.

The Leprosy Project

The Leprosy Project aims to help prevent and treat leprosy, as well as provide support for those afflicted. The strategy of the Leprosy Project is to run a comprehensive set of programs developed in full consultation of the village communities in order to not only address medical issues of those afflicted, but also to address ...

Li Ka Shing Foundation

Nurture a culture of giving, support education reform initiatives that encourage long-term thinking, empowerment, creativity, ope-mindedness, and constructive engagement and help advance medical research and services.

LSM Rural Reconstruction Center

Promoting new rural construction experiments based on farmers’ cooperative organizations, promoting practical education for university youths, exploring sustainable agricultural development and new fair trade models, and promoting advocacy and theoretical research work on rural development.

Mercy Corps

“To alleviate suffering, poverty and oppression by helping people build secure, productive and just communities.”

Mianyang Ivy Agricultural Development Service Center

Promoting the development of community care for the elderly and improving government-sponsored services.

New Garden Junior Youth Moral Empowerment and English Learning Center

Build a balanced world with both material and spiritual development.