Community Development

NGOs working on community development

Project AnotherLand

To explore the concept of eco-village, and to build, integrate environmental friendly communities in mainland China.

Pudong Association of Social Work

Integrating social resources, fulfilling the needs of society, solving social problems, balancing social relations, maintaining social stability, and promoting social equality.

Qinghai Jinsanchuan

Promoting the sustainable development ability of Qinghai minority groups.

Qinghai Tu Minority Embroidery Association

Protecting and developing the embroidery and plate embroidery techniques of the Tu minority, promoting participatory methods of poverty alleviation, raising women’s capacity building, and strengthening inter-community development.

QinXinQuan Social Worker

Stand for the needs, Be hopeful, Be professional, Help people and Be self-reliance.

Radish Club for Traditional Chinese Medicine

Improving the health of Chinese people, and promoting the development of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Raleigh China

Cultivating a youth generation that is brave, ready to face challenges, and possesses an initiative-taking spirit and a global vision through community services, environmental action and wilderness exploration.

Roots & Shoots Chengdu

To launch environmental education and environmental protection projects addressing the importance of environmental protection, and striving for sustainable development.

Ruian Star Love Social Work Center

To create a healthy, happy and safe environment for troubled children with the help of their parents.

Rural Reconstruction Centre of Renmin University

Exploring the theory and practice of rural reconstruction, and wholeheartedly serving rural people.