NGOs working on providing services to disabled persons and/or defending their rights.

Able Development Institute

To build a society where every person can live equally.


Building a diverse, tolerant society free from discrimination and governed by law.

Angel House Rehabilitation & Education Center

With “care for all” as our guiding principle, we provide services such as education, daily living, and vocational skills for people with cerebral palsy. For students who are able to enter regular schools, we have integration and education activities, to enable them to participate in social life.

Anqing Aiqun Social Work Office

Care for minority groups; promote individual development

Bai Yang Public Welfare

Baoji Grass Healing and Training Center for Disabled Children

We are committed to improving the quality of life and educational situation of disabled children and children with cerebral palsy, in order for them to obtain equal rights and achieve integration into mainstream society.

Beijing Fengtai Lizhi Rehabilitation Center

Improving the psychological and physical health of mentally disabled people, building a social support network for the mentally disabled, help them to participate in social activities, and generally working to improve their quality of life.

Beijing Hongdandan Education and Culture Exchange Center

Helping those with visual disabilities to see the world.

Beijing Hui Ling Community Services for People with Intellectual Disabilities

Promote forms of community service and improve the quality of life of mentally disabled persons.

Beijing Stars and Rain

We provide professional training, help parents with autistic children to improve their parenting skills and promote the development of social services.