NGOs providing services for the elderly

Pingxiang Private Economic Association

Bridge the gap between private economy and the government, and help implementing policies and regulations among private economic organizations.

QinXinQuan Social Worker

Stand for the needs, Be hopeful, Be professional, Help people and Be self-reliance.

Rural Women Knowing All

Releasing the potential of rural women by protecting rural women's rights, training and education rural women, and incubating women's organizations.

Senior Citizen Cooperative

Promote community services for the elderly, and provide them with a pleasant environment.

Shaanxi Yihe Development Centre for Ageing

To cooperate and collaborate with relevant government agencies such as ageing authorities, civil society organizations, donors and development partners, with additional support from individuals to facilitate older people’s contribution and participation in development, rights and access to healthcare, social services and economic and physical security.

Shanghai Happy Healthy Family Community Services Development Center

We are committed to the development of community charity work and elderly care services.

Shanghai Lequn Social Work Service

Providing outstanding service, serving in the vanguard for social work.

Shanghai Xingyu Community Development Center

Enabling the community to become a stage for the public to share their wisdom. Through the participation and contributions of our volunteers, the community will become more warm and harmonious.

Susong Charity Association of Common People

Charity for all.

Taizhou Huangyan District Volunteers Association

Helping disadvantaged groups in need.