Emergency/Disaster Relief

NGOs working on disaster relief and preparedness as well as emergency situations

Adventist Development and Relief Agency

ADRA works with people in poverty and distress to create just and positive change through empowering partnerships and responsible action.


AmeriCares is a nonprofit disaster relief and humanitarian aid organisation which provides immediate response to emergency medical needs – and supports long-term health care programs for people all over the world, irrespective of race, creed or political persuasion.

The Asia Foundation

The Asia Foundation improves lives, expands opportunities, and helps societies flourish across a dynamic and developing Asia. We work with innovative leaders and communities to build effective institutions and advance pathbreaking reforms. Together with our partners, we are committed to Asia's continued development as a peaceful, just, and thriving region of the world.

China Rural and Urban Community Development Center

Contributing to the interests of cities and villages, individuals and society.

China Star Light Charity Fund Association

Founded in 1996 and registered in 2000 as a Hong Kong non-profit charity, the purpose of China Star Light Charity Fund Association is poverty alleviation and educational support in “old revolutionary base areas, minority inhabited areas, frontier areas and poverty stricken areas”. The Association aims to help poverty-stricken areas develop economic self-sufficiency. This includes investing ...

Christian Action

Christian Action was founded as a registered charity organization in 1985 in Hong Kong with the mission to help the poor, disadvantaged, displaced, marginalized and abandoned. Christian Action began cooperating with the Qinghai Provincial Government in 1996 and opened the Xining Children’s home in 1998. Most of the children at Xining Children’s Home suffer from ...

Christian Education, Development and Relief (CEDAR) Fund

To relieve poverty and suffering and to promote measures of health among the most needy peoples, to reach sustainable development.

Cross-Land Commonweal

To raise the educational level of rural children and teenagers.

Development Organization of Rural Sichuan

Promote sustainable rural development.

Deyou social work service center

Professional development, serving the public, promoting harmony.