Ethnic Minorities

NGOs focusing on ethnic minorities related issues

Couleurs de Chine

To sponsor children of minority groups in Guangxi.

Gucheng District Hehejiayuan Community Learning and Service Center

Improve ethnic minorities’ self-development capabilities, and help the construction of a harmonious countryside.

Jhosang Community Development Association

We are committed to rural community development and integration projects.

Lanzhou Chongde Women Children Education Center

Spreading beautiful values, caring for the disadvantaged, and promoting a harmonious society.

Qinghai Jinsanchuan

Promoting the sustainable development ability of Qinghai minority groups.

Shanghai Lequn Social Work Service

Providing outstanding service, serving in the vanguard for social work.

Yothok Yonden Gonpo Medical Association

Promoting the sustainable development of culture, medical treatment, education, and economy in Tibetan areas.