Labor and Migrants

NGOs focusing on labor rights and providing services to migrant workers

Ai Da Xun Social Work Service Center

Help people acquire the knowledge necessary for their own personal development and the development of the world in general.


Promoting the establishment of new social support systems for impoverished children and families.

Beijing On Action International Cultural Center

Encouraging migrant workers to participate in community building, particularly in urban communities.

Beijing Social Work Development Center for Facilitators

To promote the development of new education and improve Chinese educational innovation.

Beijing Yilian Labor Law Aid and Research Center

Aiding the weak, valuing benevolence, working for the public good.

Dongguan Candlelight Welfare Service Center

Promote philanthropic activities and encourage everyone to participate.

The Chinese Working Women's Network CWWN

Promoting betterment for the lives of Chinese working women and developing the feminist awareness of self help and self-improvement

Deyou social work service center

Professional development, serving the public, promoting harmony.

EasyTry Social Work Service Center

Promoting the development of social work personnel and social work institutions, to better meet the needs of society.

Evangelischer Entwicklungsdienst (EED)

The Church Development Service (EED) is committed to the biblical mandate of working towards a just and peaceful world that respects life in all its various forms.