NGOs focusing on LGBT rights and providing services to LGBT communities

Aibai Culture & Education Center (ACEC)

Promoting equal rights for the Chinese LGBT community.

Anhui Youth Service Center of AIDS Prevention

Contain the spreading of AIDS among the gay population.

Beijing LGBT Center

Chinese citizens, no matter what their sexual preference or gender identity, all deserve to enjoy equal rights.

Chengdu Tongle Health Counseling Service Center

Responding to health crises such as AIDS, developing gay culture, and advancing gay rights.  

Chongqing Tongxin Workgroup

Pay close attention to the living conditions of LGBT people in China, and promote gay culture and public health with a focus on HIV/AID issues.

Common Language

Focus on supporting, organizing and advocating rights for lesbian, bisexual and transgender people in China.


Change the life of gay people through the Internet.

Heilongjiang Kangtong

Protect health and other rights of the gay community.

Impulse Beijing

Promote safe sex among young gays through an innovative approach.

Qingdao Rainbow Voluntary Service Centre

Advocate for the health, rights and interests of the LGBTQ community.