NGOs focusing on the media

Appropriate Technology Asia

To find marginal and threatened populations in environmentally challenging situations in Asia and help them meet their basic needs for housing, household energy, safe water, food and good health. Seeking out the poorest and using participatory practice, we apply technology and knowledge that is appropriate and environmentally sustainable embedding skills in the communities with which we work.

Canadian Co-operative Association CCA

To promote the growth and development of the co-operative sector for the economic and social betterment of communities and people in Canada and internationally…through the provision of three core services: co-operative development, government affairs and public policy, and providing a common table for members to come together around issues unique to them.

China Teaching-Assistance

Improve the education conditions of underdeveloped regions in China.

China WTO Network

Enabling trade to promote development and justice, benefiting the interests of the poor.

Global PAFS

Combating the declining trend in global biodiversity, safeguarding the eco-security bottom

Innovation Center for Energy and Transportation

To provide decision makers at all levels with urgently needed innovative solutions to solve the energy and climate crises and create green energy ecosystems.


In the world and for the world.


Collaborating with local partners to support public welfare activities through an internet-based platform.

Ningbo Community Network

Using the media, integrating society's public interest resources, and promoting public interest societal construction.

One Plus One Disabled Persons’ Cultural Development Center

Establishing a diverse society that is suits the disabled.