Poverty Alleviation

NGOs focusing on poverty alleviation

Ai Da Xun Social Work Service Center

Help people acquire the knowledge necessary for their own personal development and the development of the world in general.

American Friends Service Committee (AFSC)

To transform conditions and relationships, both in the world and in ourselves, which threaten to overwhelm what is precious in human beings. We nurture the faith that conflicts can be resolved non-violently, that enmity can be transformed into friendship, strife into cooperation, poverty into well-being, and injustice into dignity and participation.

Anqing Aiqun Social Work Office

Care for minority groups; promote individual development

Center for Environment Development and Poverty Alleviation

Improving the conditions of farmers' livelihoods, and promoting the sustainable development of rural communities' economies.

China Rural and Urban Community Development Center

Contributing to the interests of cities and villages, individuals and society.

Christian Action

Our Aim is to serve those who are disadvantaged, marginalized, displaced or abandoned. Our Service is to give them hope, dignity and self-reliance. Our Mission is based on the example of Jesus Christ who came to reach and serve all people, regardless of their age, gender, nationality or religion.

Deyou social work service center

Professional development, serving the public, promoting harmony.

Guangdong Green Farming Social Work Development Center

Building an urban-rural collaborative network, promoting the development of fair trade, and creating ecologically civilized and sustainable livelihoods.

Gucheng District Hehejiayuan Community Learning and Service Center

Improve ethnic minorities’ self-development capabilities, and help the construction of a harmonious countryside.

Habitat for Humanity China

Seeking to put God’s love into action, Habitat for Humanity brings people together to build homes, communities and hope