NGOs focusing on health issues

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Founded as a private foundation by Bill and Melinda Gates in 2000, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, or Gates Foundation, puts the belief that “every life has equal value” into practice by reducing inequalities in health. The foundation works with partners across the globe to develop new methodologies and strategies to combat various global ...

Bless China International

After eleven years of work in Yunnan, a group of foreign doctors founded Bless China International (BCI) in 2005. For 15 years, BCI has been committed to capacity building for local leaders and the most disadvantaged in Yunnan. Today, BCI’s foreign associates and Chinese personnel live and work in Yunnan, supporting local leaders, training local ...

China California Heart Watch

The China California Heart Watch was founded by American cardiologist Robert Detrano, who went to China to work in 2002 and became aware of the rapidly rising rates of heart disease in the country. In 2006 Dr. Detrano teamed up with Shanshan Chen, who later succeeded him as CEO, and started CCHW in Yunnan Province. ...

China Care Foundation

The China Care Foundation was founded in 2000 by a 16 year-old from Connecticut, Matt Dalio, who had personally witnessed the conditions of many orphans with special needs in China. The foundation’s mission is to give Chinese orphans with special needs the opportunity for a better life and to empower youth by providing extensive medical, social ...

Chinese Agape Foundation

The Agape Foundation has been working on the ground in China and other Asian countries for over 20 years. In China, Agape provides homes, education, and medical care for children in need. It cares for more than 400 children in five orphan care centers (in Guangxi, Jiangxi and Sichuan) and three regional foster care centers. In ...

Chinese Children Charities

Chinese Children Charities was founded in 1992 by a Chinese-American husband and wife, Rev. Joshua Zhong and Lily Nie. The organization was founded to provide support for Chinese orphan children, and find adoptive homes for them in the United States. Since its founding the organization has found homes in the US for more than 12500 ...

Chinese Women's Health Network

Raise consciousness of gender related issues,and advance healthy and coordinated development of human society.

Chongqing Hemophilia Rehabilitation Association

Help people living with hemophilia receive proper treatment and live a normal life.

Christian Education, Development and Relief (CEDAR) Fund

To relieve poverty and suffering and to promote measures of health among the most needy peoples, to reach sustainable development.

Concordia Welfare and Education Foundation

Dedicated to improving the lives of impoverished rural communities in Asia through education and service.