Social Work

Social work NGOs

Institute for Integrated Rural Development Hong Kong

Assisting the rural poor in China to improve their living standards and enhance their development capabilities


To address the social problem of uneven distribution of opportunities, which we believe is the root cause of disharmony, by cultivating an orderly, caring, fair, harmonious and moderately well-off society.

Kunming Looming Public Service

To build cooperation in the field of public service, to use resources from universities and local communities, to help individuals and groups involve in public services, to devote local philanthropy to local services.

Love Public Welfare

Encouraging people to participate in charity, helping those with special needs and those living in dire conditions.

Nanjing Facilitators Community Development Center

Cultivating respect for migrant workers, and helping them to walk on their own two feet.

New Garden Junior Youth Moral Empowerment and English Learning Center

Build a balanced world with both material and spiritual development.

Peppermint Social Work Service Center

Explore new directions of community-based education, Improve educational environment in rural areas of Wan Zhou, and promote self-development of the community.

Qinghai Hui and Salar Minorities Association

Focus on education, focus on poverty, focus on the future.

Qingyang New Leaf Employment Service Center for the Disabled

Improving quality of life for the disabled.

Ruian Star Love Social Work Center

To create a healthy, happy and safe environment for troubled children with the help of their parents.