Social Work

Social work NGOs

Shanghai Enrichment Community Service Centre

To provide professional service and community-building.

Shanghai Lequn Social Work Service

Providing outstanding service, serving in the vanguard for social work.

Shanghai Social Worker Agency for Public Affairs

Improving quality of life of people in communities, and promoting community participation, community care and community integration.

Shanghai Young Bakers

Shanghai Young Bakers (SYB) is a charity program providing free training in French bakery to marginalised Chinese youth aged 17 to 23, enabling them to find qualified jobs and lead independent lives after graduation.

Shanxi Evergreen Services

To assist Shanxi and other provinces by developing public benefit services for the common people.

Tianjin Shenlan Public Health Counseling Service Center

Prevent AIDS, and eliminate discriminations based on sexual orientation and HIV/AIDS.

V Love It

Be the force to bring positive change.

Zhaotong Environment Protection Volunteers Association

To achieve harmony between human and nature.

ZhongHe Social Work

To promote education equality and a healthy civil society, and to uphold social justice.

Zhuhai Zhuo Yue Community Development Service Center

Spread love, and make the world a kind and gentle place.