NGOs focusing on encouraging volunteering in the third sector

AFS Intercultural Exchanges

To provide intercultural learning opportunities to help people develop the knowledge, skills and understanding needed to create a more just and peaceful world.

Agency for Volunteer Service

AVS is dedicated to playing a proactive and pivotal role in the promotion and development of sustainable volunteerism for the building of a civil society and caring community.

The Badi Foundation

To release the potential of individuals and institutions in China to advance their own communities, with a special emphasis on women and youth living in rural areas.

Beijing Huizeren Volunteering Development Center

Utilizing professional volunteer services to promote social innovation and the development of public welfare institutions.

China Service Ventures

China Service Ventures aims to provide support to left behind children in Henan province, and is authorized to provided services in the whole of the province. Currently the organization has staff in Xinyang, and has expanded into the Luoyang area. CSV provides financial aid, trains and equips teachers and school administrators, and facilitates faculty and student exchanges. CSV ...

China Star Light Charity Fund Association

Founded in 1996 and registered in 2000 as a Hong Kong non-profit charity, the purpose of China Star Light Charity Fund Association is poverty alleviation and educational support in “old revolutionary base areas, minority inhabited areas, frontier areas and poverty stricken areas”. The Association aims to help poverty-stricken areas develop economic self-sufficiency. This includes investing ...

Dalian Environmental Protection Volunteers Association

Protecting the environment, protecting the earth, and protecting ourselves.

Emergency Rescue One & One

Assisting the relevant departments with disaster prevention, relief and mitigation.

Grassroots Community Volunteer Association

Spirit Home for Volunteers, Hope Home for the Disadvantaged, Green Home for the Public Spirit

Qixian Guoren Rural Culture Development Center

Promote social justice and equal access to education in rural areas.