CDB Special Issue on Women’s Organizations in China

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This CDB Special Issue is produced by China Development Brief

It features twelve articles that CDB has published over the past few years. We have collected them here so that they can provide a useful resource and reach new readers in the anniversary year of the 1995 Beijing UN Women’s Conference – a significant milestone for Chinese women’s organizations. 

Date of publishing: March 2015.

Editors: Tom Bannister and Jeremie Beja

Special thanks to the volunteer translators who made these articles possible:

Christine Clouser, Kelly McCarthy, James Evers, Ella Wong, Sandy Xu, Marisa Lum, Holly Snape, Eric Couillard, Adam Hirschberg, Qi Zhang, Adam Moorman, Sophie Chadd, Yuan Yang, Jane Luksich, Samantha Moritz, Hsieh Li, and Vanessa Zhang.