Civil Society from the BRICS: Emerging Roles in the New International Development Landscape


First Published by the Institute of Development Studies in February 2016, this report looks at the transformations across the multiple dimensions of international development in which civil society organizations from BRICS play a role. It begins with an analysis of the domestic context within which they operate. It then examines in greater detail their roles in relation to government policy on development cooperation,including the extent to which they have gained access to officially sanctioned spaces for policy debate as well as efforts to stimulate debate with national and subnational civil society networks themselves. The report then moves on to examine transnational development policy spaces.

The research on which this report draws was carried out in active dialogue with a number of key BRICS-based and international CSOs, as well as with the research organizations who led the State of the Debate studies conducted by the IDS Rising Powers in International Development program with partners across the BRICS countries.