‘Going Out’ or Staying In? The Expansion of Chinese NGOs in Africa

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Provided by SelectedWorks, this article examines the overseas behaviour of Chinese NGOs in two African nations, Ethiopia and Malawi, with varying political regime types. It suggests that irrespective of regime type, Chinese NGOs are yet to make a substantial impact in either nation. The authors argue that, despite the strength of the Chinese state and high levels of international development assistance given, domestic politics and regulatory frameworks in host nations still matter a great deal. The implications of their study suggest that the Chinese model of international development will continue to be one where temporary one-off projects are favoured; and, insofar as social organisations will play a role, they will be in the domain of government-organised, NGOs than grassroots NGOs.

This Report was also used as one of the background reading materials for the “Non-State Actors in Asian Development Cooperation: The Role of Non-Governmental Organizations” conference. Thanks to the Asian Foundation for providing this material.