Online Fundraising in China: A Research Report on Third Party Platforms in 2014


This report, the first ever research report published by China Association of Fundraising Professionals on the topic of fundraising in China, was made possible by joint efforts of the Department of Social Responsibility, Alibaba Group and Recende Fundraising Research Center.

This report aims at looking deep into the general situation of online fundraising platforms run by third parties and their major participants in 2014. The third party players refer to fundraising platforms, charity crowd-funding platforms and charity e-shops but not include those owned by charity organizations, such as their official websites or WeChat donation channels. In order to display from a comprehensive angle on how non-profit organizations are functioning on third party platforms and how the platforms are developing, many measures like data survey, interview and comparative study were employed, and the donation amounts, frequency, variations and donor’s behavior of these platforms were taken into account. By doing so, the report wishes to make its contribution to raising charity funds and prompting the development of online donation in China.

See Chinese Version here.