UNDP/NESTA Chinese social innovation toolkit

A Chinese-language Innovation Toolkit aimed at enhancing social innovation was launched at the UNDP compound in China in association with the UK innovation group Nesta.  The toolkit has been translated for a Chinese audience and is expected to greatly assist the burgeoning innovation sector within China.

The toolkit provides practical templates and models to assist with the generation of innovative new ideas and their implementation into economies. The toolkit is designed to be used by individuals and teams at all levels, from the general public through to official think-tanks or specialist innovation groups within organisations.

The official launch of the Chinese toolkit included a press conference as well as a networking event with individuals from UNDP and Nesta. Representatives from Intel, CCCPE and other social entities engaged in social innovation were present. The launch featured an introduction to the toolkit and brief speeches from the attending parties on topics such as social innovation in China, the private sector and innovation drives and how the toolkit can strengthen civil strengthening organizations (CSOs) nationally.

UNDP China Country Director, Christophe Bahuet said, “The Innovation Toolkit, already a force for positive change, is now able to reach an even larger number of people through the UNDP’s hard work in translating it into Mandarin Chinese. With this transformation we can assist an ever greater number of people to come together, enter the dialogue and let their voices be heard in solving issues as diverse as sustainable development, environmental protection and green urbanization.”

Chief Executive of Nesta, Geoff Mulgan was delighted with the collaboration with the UNDP:“This toolkit is dedicated to helping people and organisations bring great ideas to life. With support from the UNDP, the toolkit’s mission can be further advanced in China.”

The UNDP in China will be distributing the toolkit to its partners and promoting its standardised system of problem solving and idea facilitation. Through wide dissemination to UNDP partners it is hoped that the toolkit will catalyze innovation and further development goals through different mediums and fields.