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NPC delegate: China needs “Good Samaritan” law

NPC delegate Wang Jincai has made new calls for legislation to protect China’s “good samaritans”. Wang said that the risks involved in helping people have prevented many from doing “heroic deeds”. In February, Meng Ruipeng, a college student, drowned after saving 2 children from a river, but the mother claimed Meng had fallen into the river herself fearing that she would have to compensate the student’s family. Even though the local police finally confirmed Meng’s heroic behavior, incidents like this have aroused a lot of controversy. Wang Jincai, chairman of the standing committee of Hangzhou Municipal People’s Congress and NPC delegate said that incidents such as this show that the …read more

Liang Hui delegates give their opinions on public welfare issues

The opening of the annual meeting of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) on March 3 kicked off this year’s Liang Hui (annual sessions of NPC & CPPCC ). Some delegates have voiced their opinions and submitted their proposals on public welfare issues, below is a roundup of these voices: 1. Ma Weihua, president of the board of directors of One Foundation and member of the CPPCC Increase the salaries of people working for Chinese foundations, and promote “charitable trusts” by launching experimental projects and policies in Shenzhen. 2. Wang Ming, board member of China Charity Alliance (中国慈善联合会) and member of the CPPCC Enhance the training and cultivation of public welfare sector …read more

New reports on child protection released before the Liang Hui

Two reports on child protection were released at a pre-CPPCC seminar hosted by the China Social Assistance Foundation on March 2, 2015. The two reports were titled the Primary School Teaching Plan on Child Sexual Assault (防性侵教育小学标准教案) and the Training Plan for Primary School Teachers to Avoid Sexual Assault Against Students (小学生防性侵课教师培训教案). Guests attending the seminar included NPC & CPPCC delegates, school principals, lawyers, education experts, scholars, reporters, and representatives from the government. During the seminar, Sun Xuemei, founder of the “Girl Protection” project run by the China Social Assistance Foundation, also released their project report: the 2014 Statistical Report on Child Sexual Assault Education and Child Sexual Abuse Cases (2014年儿童防性侵安全教育及性侵儿童案件统计报告). The report, …read more

New guidelines released on domestic violence

On March 4th China’s top judicial authorities, the Supreme People’s Court, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Justice, jointly released the Guidelines on Criminal Cases Related to Domestic Violence (关于依法办理家庭暴力刑事案件的意见). The Guidelines clarify that cases where domestic violence victims use illegal methods to get away from their assaulter should be handled carefully, and take into consideration that there might be self-defense and other circumstances that could lead to a mitigated sentence or exemption from punishment. China still lacks a special law on domestic violence, even though local regulations on fighting domestic violence have been adopted by 28 provincial governments. Some national laws, including the Marriage …read more

Li Yinhe proposes same-sex marriage again at this year’s Liang Hui

Li Yinhe, professor at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and long-time LGBT activist, has asked representatives at the National People’s Congress (NPC) to present a Chinese Same-Sex Marriage Bill as an amendment to the marriage law. The NPC is the second part of this year’s Liang Hui (The Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and the National People’s Congress) which starts today. Li stated in her proposed Bill that homosexuality is not illegal according to the law, and that homosexuals should enjoy all the rights given to Chinese citizens by law, including the right to marry. Li first proposed a same-sex marriage bill at an open hearing by the Commission of Legislative Affairs of the NPC …read more

Which Path should Marginalized Chinese Women's NGOs follow?

Which Path should Marginalized Chinese Women’s NGOs follow?

CDB’s Guo Ting analyzes the landscape of marginalized Chinese women’s NGOs, including those helping female sex workers and lesbian communities.

More than 700 CSOs now able to bring environmental lawsuits

The recent Interpretation of the Supreme People’s Court on Certain Issues Concerning the Application of laws in Environmental Civil Public Interest Cases (最高人民法院关于审理环境民事公益诉讼案件适用法律若干问题的解释), made public on Jan. 6, 2015, stipulates that social organizations, private non-enterprise units, foundations, and other organizations registered with local departments of civil affairs at or above city(with districts) levels may bring lawsuits against activities causing environmental pollution, disrupting the ecological system or harming public interests. According to Sun Jun, the spokesman for the Supreme People’s Court, the three traditional types of civil society organization are not the only ones qualified to bring such lawsuits, the Interpretation leaves room for “other organizations” in order to give similar …read more

A Day on the Women’s Rights March

A Day on the Women’s Rights March

CDB’s Guo Ting spends 24 hours walking alongside activist Xiao Meili on her Women’s Rights March from Beijing to Guangzhou.

Lawyers and judges should avoid creating situations where both sides lose

During a case involving multiple offences in Huizhou, Guangdong, the defendants’ lawyers left the room without giving any explanation. This action comes at a moment when the Supreme People’s Procuratorate has published “Provisions on protecting lawyers’ professional rights according to the law”.

Rural woman files first lawsuit on forced sterilization in China

Two years ago Xia Runying, a female farmer in Jiangxi province, was forcibly sterilized by the local family planning committee. She filed a lawsuit against the committee, asserting that the surgery was illegal and seeking compensation; the first such case in China.

Two NGOs initiate first environment public interest lawsuit

On January 1st 2015, two NGOs received a notice from the Nanping city intermediate people’s court stating it had accepted to file their lawsuit. This is the first occurence of a public interest lawsuit being filed since the new “Environment Protection Law” has been enforced.

An Oral History of Wang Xingjuan

An Oral History of Wang Xingjuan

In this article, CDB’s Guo Ting interviews Wang Xingjuan, one of the pioneering figures of the Chinese feminist movement. Through Wang’s story, we get a glimpse at the development of the Chinese women’s rights movement from the end of the eighties on.

ConocoPhillips damage claim case: first court hearing concluded

Zhang Fuqiu, lawyer of the 21 plaintiffs in the ConocoPhillips case, released an interview to Caixin, explaining the circumstances of the Bohai Bay incident, and its consequences for the local environment and communities.

Inspiration from Expertise-based Grassroots Advocacy

Inspiration from Expertise-based Grassroots Advocacy

CDB’s Chief Researcher Liu Haiying gives some examples of successful advocacy campaigns pushed forward by groups of experts.

Tsinghua report: migrant worker collective action pushes for trade union reform

A new joint report from Tsinghua University and the China Youth Development Foundation suggests that without supporting the demands of migrant workers, the current situation of frequent strikes will become more serious.

The Rise and Fall of the Anti-Domestic Violence Network

The Rise and Fall of the Anti-Domestic Violence Network

Ex-ADVN program officer Dong Yige analyzes the history of the influential Anti-Domestic Violence Network and the reason for its closing down in May 2014.

Zhaodong strike ends, pension reform still controversial

After the government has accepted to increase the teachers’ wages by 772 RMB/month on average, the strike ended on November 20th.

Demanding higher wages, teachers in Zhaodong do not return to class

8,000 teachers in Zhaodong city, Heilongjiang province have been striking since November 17th after two rounds of negotiations with the authorities failed.