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Recent case exposes vulnerability of left-behind children to sexual exploitation

The recently reported case of an 11-year-old girl being forced into prostitution in Hunan Province, which has attracted widespread revulsion, has again cast a spotlight on the plight of China’s “left-behind children”. The girl was reported missing on September 29th, and was found a week later working as a “hostess” in a hotel Karaoke parlour. She was found to have been sexually assaulted. Police detained seven people, but only charged two. Angry at how long the process was taking, the girl’s father went public on Weibo, with his posts arousing much concern on Chinese social media. A few days ago local police announced that the seven suspects had all been charged with either rape or facilitating …read more

Hangzhou introduces regulations to protect schoolchildren from sexual harassment

Sexual harassment incidents in schools have aroused much outrage from the Chinese public in recent years. Many parents are concerned about their children due to the lack of prevention, reporting, and investigation mechanisms for tackling sexual harassment in schools. On August 6th, the Hangzhou Education Bureau introduced the first set of regulations in the country on how schools should handle incidents of sexual harassment against schoolchildren. The set of regulations, named Suggestions on Establishing a Mechanism Against Sexually Harassing Minors On Campus, specifies the duties of individual teachers, the senior management personnel of schools, and the Education Bureau in terms of preventing, reporting, intervening and investigating sexual misconducts in schools. All …read more

Report Released on Child Sexual Abuse in 2017

Report Released on Child Sexual Abuse in 2017

A report on child sexual abuse in 2017 has been released by the Girls Protection Fund of the China Foundation of Culture and Arts for Children. The statistics were gathered from media reports based on cases heard by procuratorates at all levels, the public websites of courts, and some verified accounts on social media. The release of the report is intended to focus the attention of society on the severe problem of child sexual abuse and the lack of preventive education. The report’s statistics only represent the tip of an iceberg, because of the difficulty in collecting and reporting cases of sexual abuse of children. Therefore the report also hopes …read more