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Today is China's Children’s Day – let’s take a look at the situation of Chinese children!

Today is China’s Children’s Day – let’s take a look at the situation of Chinese children!

Editor’s Note This is CDB’s abridged translation of a WeChat post by UNICEF China, published on the first of June, China’s official Children’s Day. Please find the original here. The graphs are all taken from UNICEF’s report.    This Children’s Day, let’s get a deeper understanding of China’s children. Do you know the answers to the following questions: How many children are there in China? Where does China rank in the world for its total number of children? How many Chinese children are affected by migration? What different types of challenges do different child populations in China face? How many children are unable to live with their parents? Children are …read more

Rehabilitation and aid systems for disabled children established by the State Council

It was announced yesterday that, in order to better safeguard the rights and interests of disabled children and promote the civilized evolution of society, the executive meeting of the State Council hosted by Li Keqiang decided to establish a system of rehabilitation and aid for disabled children. From October 1st of this year, qualified disabled children from the ages of 0-6 years old who have sight, hearing, speech, limb or mental disabilities or are autistic, including disabled or orphaned children who come from deprived family backgrounds or are under the care of welfare organisation will be provided with medical procedures, fitted with aid equipment, given rehabilitation training and other treatment. If …read more

Jack Ma donates $3M to Jordan's Queen Rania's Foundation for Education and Development

Jack Ma donates $3M to Jordan’s Queen Rania’s Foundation for Education and Development

Editor’s note This report was originally published by Alizila. You can find the original here.   The Jack Ma Foundation on Monday announced the first stage of a $3 million donation in support of the Queen Rania Foundation for Education and Development, a nonprofit group headed by the Queen of Jordan to promote education in the Middle Eastern country. The announcement was made by Alibaba Group founder Jack Ma during his trip to Jordan this week, when he visited the office of Edraak, a free online education platform supported by the Queen’s foundation. Ma, a former English teacher, has maintained a lifelong commitment to promoting education. Founded in 2014, the …read more

Education in Sight: an Interview with Andrew Shirman

Education in Sight: an Interview with Andrew Shirman

An exclusive interview with Andrew Shirman, CEO and co-founder of Education in Sight, who talks to CDB about his efforts to bring eyeglasses to schoolchildren in rural China.

Tong Lihua: the law on the protection of minors should be a “hard” law, not a “soft” one

The China Foundation of Culture and Art for Children and PhoenixNet Public Welfare recently hosted a forum on child protection in Beijing. The forum was attended by deputies of China’s “Two Sessions” to discuss the topic of chid protection, call for the establishment of a mechanism against sexual abuse of children, and facilitate the improvement of relevant laws and mechanisms. Tong Lihua, the director of the Beijing Teenage Legal Aid and Research Center, attended the forum and delivered a speech with suggestions on how to revise the Law on the Protection of Minors. Tong claimed that the Law should be enforced from the national strategic level through the establishment of relevant …read more

Temple fair uses creative tickets to help find missing children

Temple fair uses creative tickets to help find missing children

A temple fair in Henan province, northern China, has recently put itself in the spotlight by putting the photos and information of lost children on the back of its tickets. Visitors to the fair were encouraged to take photos of the tickets and share them online to help find the missing children. Staff at the temple fair explained that they had selected about 300 lost children, mostly using search platforms for missing children like Baby Come Home (宝贝回家), and have sold thousands tickets with lost child notices attached. Ms. Yang, who works at the temple fair, said that the children’s information had all been verified. The staff regularly contacts the …read more

Social Work and Reverse Migration - an Interview with Professor Julian Chow

Social Work and Reverse Migration – an Interview with Professor Julian Chow

A long and in-depth interview with Berkeley professor Julian Chow on the development of the social service sector in China.

Focusing on Cooperation - an Interview with Norbert Hsu

Focusing on Cooperation – an Interview with Norbert Hsu

Norbert Hsu, regional head of World Vision for East Asia, talks to CDB about World Vision’s plans for the region, Chinese civil society and the protection of children in China.

New website on sex education for children goes online

A new website on sex education for children (, created by the initiator of the Chengxu Yuan Plan (程序媛计划) Chen Bin, went online on the 22nd of December. The Chengxu Yuan Plan is meant to increase the proportion of female programmers in the tech industry, and it has allowed more than a hundred thousand students to learn programming and relevant techniques. Chen Bin put forward the idea of the website in August, but it picked up speed after the  uproar surrounding the child abuse incident in RYB kindergarten in November. The incident, which included allegations that children were being sexually molested at the kindergarten, provoked calls for improved sex education. About 600 …read more

Fundraising project for poor children goes viral on WeChat, attracts criticism

“Find a child who shares the same birthday as you, and wish him/her to grow up happily and healthily”. On the 23rd of December, a fundraising project called “you with the same birthday” (同一天生日的你) went viral on WeChat Moments. The project allows members of the public to choose a child who shares the same birthday with them, and donate one yuan for the child. The project was launched by the Aiyou Future Foundation and a fundraising platform named Fenbei Chou. As the initiator of Fenbei Chou Wang Li announced, by the morning of the 24th of December the fund’s cumulative total had reached over 2.55 million yuan. The beneficiaries of the project …read more

Child lingerie show roundly condemned

A child modeling contest was held on December 3 in Changchun, the capital of China’s northeastern Jilin province. Organized by children’s clothing brand VICKY’Z, the competition attracted dozens of girls and boys aged 3 to 15 to perform in a “Victoria Secret” style fashion show. Featuring children wearing lingerie and heavy makeup, the show has provoked fierce national condemnation. This is not the first time that a child lingerie show steps into the public view, and it is not the first time it is criticized. Over the last two years, kids in tiny clothes walking the runways have been spotted in Hebei, Chengdu, Guangdong and other places, according to China Women’s News. …read more

The Struggle Against Autism in China

The Struggle Against Autism in China

Chinese parents found online platform that provides free evaluation and intervention plan to battle against autism.

Two left-behind children hide underneath a moving bus for three hours to go and find their parents

Two left-behind children hide underneath a moving bus for three hours to go and find their parents

Two left-behind children from a village in western Guangxi were found underneath a bus headed for the county seat on November 23. They were able to reach Xilin county, over 90 kilometers away from their home village, by clinging to the undercarriage of a bus until they were discovered by the driver. They told the Xilin station workers that they wanted to find their parents, who had left home to work in Guangdong. The two boys’ experience was first described in an article posted on social media on November 24. The post was accompanied by a video, showing that when the boys were discovered, they were covered in mud and looked …read more

New case of child abuse in kindergarten causes national indignation

New case of child abuse in kindergarten causes national indignation

Child Abuse in Kindergarten Sparks Nationwide Indignation

Parents of autistic children start a crowdfunding to build a 500-acre-town in Anhui for their children

The Beijing Kangnazhou Autism Family Support Center held an introductory and promotional event for its Xing Xing Xiao Zhen (星星小镇) program in Haidian District, Beijing on November 12. The main purposes of the event were to introduce the Xing Xing Xiao Zhen, a planned town that is specifically designed for children suffering from autism, and recruit more parents to develop the town together. Nearly a hundred parents of autistic children attended the meeting, most of them with children in their teens and 20s. The reference models of Xing Xing Xiao Zhen are the Zelkova Home (Keyaki no Sato) in Japan and the Camphill Communities. The Zelkova Home was established in …read more

Case of child abuse at Ctrip day care center in Shanghai sparks outrage

On Wednesday a case of child abuse at a day care center for employees of Ctrip, one of China’s most popular online travel agencies, aroused much coverage and heated debate. On November 3, the parent of a child who frequents the Shanghai day care center found that their boy had his left ear bruised. The parent, surnamed Wang, was then able to check the surveillance footage and found a shocking level of child abuse. The Beijing News’ reporters have collected four surveillance video clips that show staff members mistreating several toddlers. In one of the videos, a female member of staff brutally throws a girl’s bag on the floor and pushes …read more

Volunteer from Hangzhou recounts her experience teaching Chinese in Nepal

Volunteer from Hangzhou recounts her experience teaching Chinese in Nepal

In March 2017, a young Chinese woman named Lucia Wang went to teach in Nepal as part of an international volunteer program organized by the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation. She went on her own to Dolakha, a mountainous area far from the capital of Kathmandu, and worked there for 150 days teaching Chinese to local children. Recently, an article by Lucia talking about her time volunteering in Nepal was published on the Foundation’s website. It is but one example of the experiences had by the increasing number of young Chinese who choose to engage in volunteering and charity work abroad. In the article, Lucia explains that before volunteering in Nepal, she had …read more

Local doctor administers vaccines for 38 years in mountainous areas of Hubei

Local doctor administers vaccines for 38 years in mountainous areas of Hubei

Recently a video of doctor Wang Chunsheng, who has given vaccinations to children in mountainous areas in Xi’an county, Hubei province, for 38 years, has earned people’s attention and praise online. Doctor Wang is 63 years old this year, and he was re-employed after retirement by the health center of Xi’an county, where he was born and grew up. Back in 1975, a severe measles outbreak occurred in the area and more than 20 children were infected. Wang was an amateur doctor at that time and all he could do was witness how the villagers begged gods and shamans to expel the disease instead of accepting doctors’ help. Tragically all …read more