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The highlights of the internationalization of Chinese NGOs in 2019 reviewed

On January 5th, a press conference was held in Beijing for the Blue Book of Charity, published by the China Lingshan Charity and Philanthropy Promotion Association (中国灵山公益慈善促进会). The meeting reviewed and commented on the development of Chinese philanthropy in 2019. Huang Haoming, vice-president of the China Global Philanthropy Institute, gave a talk reporting on the internationalization of Chinese social organizations in 2019. In his talk, Dr. Huang went through what he sees as the ten highlights of the internationalization of Chinese civil society over the course of the year. The ten highlights include: 1) Cooperation on charity was included in a summit between Chinese and foreign heads of state for the first time (referring …read more

10,000 “agricultural talents for Africa” to receive training in China

Han Changfu, the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, has announced that China will deepen agricultural cooperation with Africa by holding various training courses in China over the next three years to train 10,000 talents from Africa. Speaking a few days ago at the Forum on China-Africa Agricultural Cooperation in Sanya, the minister explained that China regards improving Africa’s comprehensive food production capacity as a key area of agricultural cooperation. Furthermore, China will support Africa to achieve basic food security by 2030, and help African countries explore poverty reduction paths that are in line with their own national conditions. Han Changfu stated that his Ministry intends to coordinate with the …read more

Huang Hongxiang: Bridging China and the World

Huang Hongxiang: Bridging China and the World

Huang Hongxiang, the founder of China House and one of the main players in the field of Chinese investment and the related social-environmental problems in Africa, talks to CDB in this exclusive interview.

He Daofeng receives Global Outstanding Social Entrepreneur Award

The Global Outstanding Social Entrepreneur Award was presented to He Daofeng, the former Executive President of China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation (CFPA), at the Global CSR Summit held by Global CSR Foundation (GCSRF) in New Yok on 15th October 2019.

The China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation deepens its involvement in Africa

On June 26, the international seminar “Global Management: China-Africa education cooperation and people-to-people exchanges” was held at the African Institute of Zhejiang Normal University. During the seminar Wu Peng, the director of the international development department of the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation (CFPA), gave a talk about the poverty reduction projects that the CFPA has been carrying out in Africa recently, setting a pioneering path for Chinese foundations. As Wu Peng explained, since 2007 the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation has carried out projects involving maternal and paediatric hospitals, school canteens, care packages, water cellars, and women’s professional training in countries including Guinea Bissau, Sudan, Ethiopia, Uganda, Namibia, and Ghana. They have …read more

Representatives of Chinese foundations take exchange trip to Europe

On June 10, a group of high representatives of Chinese foundations began an official ten-day visit of Germany and Belgium. The exchange group, which received the support of Germany’s Mercator Foundation, was made up of nine high representatives from the Shanghai Zijiang Foundation, the Shenzhen One Foundation, the Beijing Yongyou Foundation, the Shanghai United Foundation, the Beijing Longway Foundation, the SEE Foundation, the Shenzhen Society of Entrepreneurs & Ecology Foundation, the Shanghai Yicai Foundation, and the China Foundation Forum, as well as professor Liu Peifeng from the law school of Beijing Normal University. During the visit, the group held discussions with local foundations and organizations, including the Robert Bosch Foundation, …read more

Wu Peng: Bringing the Chinese Experience to the World

Wu Peng: Bringing the Chinese Experience to the World

The China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation was the first Chinese organization to bring development assistance to other countries. In this interview their director for international operations Wu Peng shares his rich experience of working across the world.

Chinese NGOs Working Abroad: the Top Ten Stories of 2018

Chinese NGOs Working Abroad: the Top Ten Stories of 2018

Chinese NGOs are starting to expand their work internationally. This translated article presents some of the most interesting cases from the past year.

Ten Important Developments for China's Foreign Aid in 2018

Ten Important Developments for China’s Foreign Aid in 2018

The ten most important developments for Chinese foreign aid in 2018, as seen by Professor Tang Lixia from the China Agricultural University.

Panel Discussion: how can International NGOs Help Chinese ones to

Panel Discussion: how can International NGOs Help Chinese ones to “Go Out”?

The transcript of a panel discussion in which five guests from important civil society organizations discuss the prospects for Chinese NGOs that want to expand their work abroad, and how international NGOs can assist them in their efforts.

A roundup on Chinese NGOs going out

A roundup on Chinese NGOs going out

In the forty years since the “Reform and Opening up” begun, China has transformed itself from a poverty-stricken country into an economic superpower. This economic strength has provided China with an opportunity to be a significant force in the arena of international civil society. The presence of Chinese NGOs and charities in other countries is no longer unusual, especially in the area of humanitarian aid. Even so, there is a long way to go before Chinese civil society can really pull its weight overseas. Below is a roundup of all the reports and material on Chinese NGOs “going out” that CDB has published over the last few years. We hope it can …read more

Beijing's Public Security Bureau Explains the Overseas NGO Law

Beijing’s Public Security Bureau Explains the Overseas NGO Law

A translation of the talk given by an official from the NGO Management Office of Beijing’s PSB at CDB’s recent forum, including an extremely detailed rundown of the legal requirements for overseas NGOs based on the practical problems encountered over the last years.

Call for NGOs to be included in China’s foreign aid framework

Chinese foundations have been ramping up their involvement in international aid, but they are still faced with lots of problems. These challenges include unclear positioning, obscure policies, and restrictions set around finance and personnel. On December 7th, the 28th Bimonthly Salon of Foundations was held in Beijing, organized by the Chinese Red Cross Foundation with sponsorship from the China Association for Non-profit Organizations. The theme of the salon pivoted around “the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) cooperation on humanitarian public welfare”. Relevant issues were explored, such as the role of and challenges to Chinese foundations in foreign aid and in the BRI infrastructure. The salon participants also discussed the recent draft of …read more

Professor Jia Xijin: Two Years of the Overseas NGO Law

Professor Jia Xijin: Two Years of the Overseas NGO Law

Tsinghua Professor Jia Xijin’s talk from CDB’s recent forum for Overseas NGOs.

Experts urge further cooperation among NGOs in the Lancang-Mekong region

Editor’s Note This article was originally published by China Watch on the 24th of November, and written by Bu Yingna. You can find the original here.    Experts highlighted the importance of the non-governmental organizations in helping maintain the sustainable development of the Lancang-Mekong cooperation mechanism, at the Civil Society Forum in theme of Sustainable Socio-Economic Development in the Lancang-Mekong Region organized by China Association for NGO Cooperation in Kunming, Yunnan province on Nov 23. They also proposed detailed guidance for NGOs to improve work efficiency and shared tips on how NGOs can enlarge their international influence. The forum was co-organized by the Yunnan International Non-Governmental Organization Society and Kunming …read more

People's Daily reports on Chinese volunteers overseas

People’s Daily reports on Chinese volunteers overseas

The People’s Daily recently reported on two cases of Chinese volunteers taking part in humanitarian work overseas. The first case is that of Wang Ziming, a graduating senior and international volunteer of the Common Future Fund (a social organization) who went to Lebanon in July with three other volunteers. While there the volunteers taught percussions, painting and Chinese calligraphy to refugee children from neighbouring Syria. Because these children had spent a long time in a war-zone, most of them hadn’t had access to a good education, Wang said. However he was impressed by their experiences of loss, their longing for home and their dreams. The volunteers did their best to …read more

2018 Global Climate Action Summit: China pavilion under the spotlight

2018 Global Climate Action Summit: China pavilion under the spotlight

The opening ceremony of the 2018 Global Climate Action Summit was held in San Francisco on September 13. Hosted by the state government of California, the summit lasted for three days. The event included a China pavilion covering multiple areas, including local actions, carbon markets, climate investment and finance, renewable energy and energy efficiency, zero-emission vehicles and the business climate. On September 12 a “Global action on climate change” proposal was officially launched in the China pavilion. The proposal was jointly sponsored by ten Chinese charities, foundations and research centres, including the SEE Foundation, the Lao Niu Foundation, the Yan Bao Charity Foundation, the Qiaonyu Foundation, the Vanke Foundation, the Institute of Science …read more

The 5th China-Africa People’s Forum held in Chengdu

The 5th China-Africa People’s Forum held in Chengdu

The 5th China-Africa People’s Forum was held in Chengdu on the 23-24 of July, jointly organized by the China NGO Network for International Exchanges and the government of Sichuan Province. Over 200 representatives from more than 30 countries attended the forum. Themed “promoting civil society forces, facilitating Sino-African friendship and trust”, the forum is part of a series of events held prior to the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation in September. The event began with Song Tao, Minister of the Foreign Relations Department of the CPC Central Committee, reading out President Xi Jinping’s congratulatory letter to the forum. In his letter, Xi emphasized that people-to-people friendship is a crucial foundation for state-to-state relations, …read more