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Designing “Lion Lights” for Kenya: a Beijing High Schooler’s Dream for Conservation

Designing “Lion Lights” for Kenya: a Beijing High Schooler’s Dream for Conservation

The inspiring story of a young man from Beijing who designed an improved solution to keep lions and other wild animals away from livestock in Kenya, and teamed up with a Chinese NGO to put his solution into practice.

China Red Cross donates $100,000 to Sri Lanka victims

On April 21, 250 people were killed and 500 were injured in a series of bombings in Sri Lanka. According to the Chinese embassy, six of those killed and five of those injured were Chinese nationals. On May 4, the Chinese ambassador to Sri Lanka Cheng Xueyuan met the Secretary of the Sri Lanka Red Cross Society Nimal Kumar, and on behalf of the Red Cross Society of China donated $100,000 as humanitarian emergency relief aid to be used specifically for the victims of the April 21 bombings. The ambassador expressed that China will stand with the people of Sri Lanka at such a tragic moment, and support the protection …read more

Second “Silk Road NGO Cooperation Network Forum” held in Beijing

The second Silk Road NGO Cooperation Network Forum was held in Beijing on April 27 and 28. 170 Chinese and international NGOs from 22 countries and areas participated in the forum. Over the next two years, the Cooperation Network has committed to emphasize the “Silk Road Family” initiative (丝路一家亲), promote the establishment of 500 NGO partnerships between Silk Road participating countries and China, and carry out 200 “livelihood projects” (民生项目)。 The minister of the Central Committee of CPC International Department Song Tao commented during the Forum that in order for cooperative development between China and the countries of the former Silk Road to take place, people from all walks of life …read more

Wu Peng: Bringing the Chinese Experience to the World

Wu Peng: Bringing the Chinese Experience to the World

The China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation was the first Chinese organization to bring development assistance to other countries. In this interview their director for international operations Wu Peng shares his rich experience of working across the world.

An Overview of Chinese Foreign Aid: a Rising Player in Need of Improvement

An Overview of Chinese Foreign Aid: a Rising Player in Need of Improvement

An introduction to China’s growing foreign aid program, including its history, objectives and challenges.

Chinese NGOs have responded to over 20 international disasters and emergencies, finds conference

The 2018 NGO Seminar on International Disaster Relief was held on December 18th, organized by the China Charity Alliance and the Research Center for Risks Governance and Innovation of the Beijing Normal University. According to presentations given at the seminar, Chinese NGOs have participated in relief work for more than 20 severe disasters and emergencies internationally since 2011, including the Nepal earthquake in 2015, the Phuket boat capsizing and the Tham Luang cave rescue in 2018. The April 2015 Nepal earthquake was the largest for Chinese NGOs in terms of their personnel and resource contribution. Staff and volunteers from more than 23 social organizations carried out a wide variety of …read more

Chinese NGOs Working Abroad: the Top Ten Stories of 2018

Chinese NGOs Working Abroad: the Top Ten Stories of 2018

Chinese NGOs are starting to expand their work internationally. This translated article presents some of the most interesting cases from the past year.

Ten Important Developments for China's Foreign Aid in 2018

Ten Important Developments for China’s Foreign Aid in 2018

The ten most important developments for Chinese foreign aid in 2018, as seen by Professor Tang Lixia from the China Agricultural University.

Panel Discussion: how can International NGOs Help Chinese ones to

Panel Discussion: how can International NGOs Help Chinese ones to “Go Out”?

The transcript of a panel discussion in which five guests from important civil society organizations discuss the prospects for Chinese NGOs that want to expand their work abroad, and how international NGOs can assist them in their efforts.

A roundup on Chinese NGOs going out

A roundup on Chinese NGOs going out

In the forty years since the “Reform and Opening up” begun, China has transformed itself from a poverty-stricken country into an economic superpower. This economic strength has provided China with an opportunity to be a significant force in the arena of international civil society. The presence of Chinese NGOs and charities in other countries is no longer unusual, especially in the area of humanitarian aid. Even so, there is a long way to go before Chinese civil society can really pull its weight overseas. Below is a roundup of all the reports and material on Chinese NGOs “going out” that CDB has published over the last few years. We hope it can …read more

Call for NGOs to be included in China’s foreign aid framework

Chinese foundations have been ramping up their involvement in international aid, but they are still faced with lots of problems. These challenges include unclear positioning, obscure policies, and restrictions set around finance and personnel. On December 7th, the 28th Bimonthly Salon of Foundations was held in Beijing, organized by the Chinese Red Cross Foundation with sponsorship from the China Association for Non-profit Organizations. The theme of the salon pivoted around “the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) cooperation on humanitarian public welfare”. Relevant issues were explored, such as the role of and challenges to Chinese foundations in foreign aid and in the BRI infrastructure. The salon participants also discussed the recent draft of …read more

Seminar on Chinese NGOs “going out” successfully held in Tsinghua University

A seminar on Chinese NGOs “going out” was held on December 2nd, organized by the Institute for Philanthropy of Tsinghua University. The seminar was entitled “Chinese NGOs going out under the Belt and Road initiative”. The participants were all experts and academics in the field of public welfare, including Liu Peifeng, a professor at the Law School of Beijing Normal University; Li Xiaolin, the head of the department of international cooperation of the China Population Welfare Foundation; and Wu Peng, the director of the department of international development of the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation. Professor Liu Peifeng talked about the issue of NGOs “going out” (走出去, an expression usually used to refer to Chinese organizations working …read more

Experts urge further cooperation among NGOs in the Lancang-Mekong region

Editor’s Note This article was originally published by China Watch on the 24th of November, and written by Bu Yingna. You can find the original here.    Experts highlighted the importance of the non-governmental organizations in helping maintain the sustainable development of the Lancang-Mekong cooperation mechanism, at the Civil Society Forum in theme of Sustainable Socio-Economic Development in the Lancang-Mekong Region organized by China Association for NGO Cooperation in Kunming, Yunnan province on Nov 23. They also proposed detailed guidance for NGOs to improve work efficiency and shared tips on how NGOs can enlarge their international influence. The forum was co-organized by the Yunnan International Non-Governmental Organization Society and Kunming …read more