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Statistics on ONGO Registrations and Temporary Activities by December 2019

Statistics on ONGO Registrations and Temporary Activities by December 2019

This article was originally published by the Office of Overseas NGOs of the Ministry of Public Security, and translated into English by CDB.

First blue book of sustainable development value assessment released

First blue book of sustainable development value assessment released

On January 4, the 2020 Finance and Economics Sustainable Development Summit Forum and evergreen award ceremony was held in Beijing, sponsored by the Caijing magazine and supported by the China Fund Strategic Cooperation and the China Alliance of Social Value Investment (CASVI). During the forum, CASVI’s “Blue Book Report on the Sustainable Development Value Assessment of A-listed Companies 2019” was officially released. Zhan Xiaoning, editor in chief of the Global Investment Report of the United Nations and director of the Investment and Enterprise Department of the United Nations Trade and Development Organization, Ma Weihua, former president of China Merchants Bank and chairman of CASVI, and more than 500 leading experts, …read more

Fund for pneumoconiosis sufferers wins charity award

Wang Keqin has been awarded as part of the “70 people in 70 years of Chinese charity brands” (中国慈善公益品牌70年70人) awards, which were announced at the 14th Annual Brands and Personalities Summit on December 18. The awards are organized jointly by Brandcn (品牌联盟) and Shanda Net (善达网). Wang, a well-known investigate reporter, has been called “the first journalist to expose the dark side in China”. He is known for reports like “The black market for securities in Lanzhou is washing up shareholders” (兰州证券黑市狂洗“股民”), “The inside story behind the Beijing taxi industry monopoly” (北京出租车业垄断黑幕), and “Investigation into a Shanxi coal mine” (山西煤窑真相调查), all of which had strong social repercussions and a positive impact on the …read more

How China's Overseas NGO Law was Conceived

How China’s Overseas NGO Law was Conceived

The process of drawing up China’s Overseas NGO Law of 2017 was more complex than many imagine. A draft of the law was opened up to public comment, and the feedback provided by the NGO sector contributed to the final result.

The Development of Foundations in China: an Optimistic Perspective

The Development of Foundations in China: an Optimistic Perspective

A talk by BNU professor Tao Chuanjin, outlining some interesting trends for the development of philanthropic foundations in China.

Observations on the first half year of waste-sorting in Shanghai

On July 1, 2019, Shanghai launched a “first shot” at the classification of domestic waste. The Shanghai Municipal Regulations on domestic waste, the most stringent ever released in China, stipulate that domestic waste must be sorted into four categories: dry waste, wet waste, recyclable waste and hazardous waste. Individuals and enterprises will be fined 50-200 yuan and 5,000-50,000 Yuan respectively if they are found to mix the different kinds of waste. An article published last Monday by Southern Weekly (南方周末), China’s most well-known investigative newspaper, has summed up the first 180 days of the new policy. According to the article, few people were initially optimistic about waste classification in Shanghai. However, …read more

Controversy over the Shuidichou fundraising platform

The crowdfunding platform Shuidichou has become embroiled in controversy once again. On November 30, the video-sharing website known as “Pear Video” (梨视频) published a seven-minute expose’ of the company’s practices. Filmed in secret, the video revealed that promoters providing offline services for Shuidichou intentionally guided the relatives of hospital patients to launch dishonest fundraising drives in order to receive a percentage of the profits. The promoters failed to check, or even concealed, the property status of the people asking for help, filled in the final target for the donations at will and neglected to ascertain the purpose of the donations. The video immediately aroused public concern, given that Shuidichou is one of China’s …read more

NGO 2.0 lists examples of blockchain-based charity in China

In October 2019, the central government proposed “to take blockchain as an important breakthrough in independent innovations of core technology”. In the past few years, many products and projects involving both blockchain and charity have emerged. Some people are asking what role blockchain can play in the charity sector? Can blockchain really solve specific problems? Must blockchain be used to ensure transparency? What is the first public blockchain in China? In response to these questions, NGO 2.0 (an education-focused nonprofit with the aim to empower grassroots NGOs in Central and Western China by providing technological training and support, jointly sponsored by MIT and University of Science and Technology of China) has published an article …read more

(CDB Forum 2019) Lu Xuan - How Overseas NGOs Can Work Legally in China

(CDB Forum 2019) Lu Xuan – How Overseas NGOs Can Work Legally in China

Lu Xuan, from the Legal Centre for NGOs, explains some important points concerning the Overseas NGO Law and the operations of overseas NGOs in China.

Report on study of left-behind children published

Editor’s Note The recent case of a left-behind girl of 11 subjected to sexual assault aroused broad attention after being reported. The case exposes the vulnerability of many left-behind children to sexual exploitation. Below is our abridged translation of an article by the Woqi Foundation (沃启基金会), introducing a report on left-behind children produced by the foundation. You can find the original article here. The report analyses their needs, sorts out and presents the status of the relevant supporting policies (and resources), and then scans the sector of local organizations, and also further analyzes and refines the intervention mode, hoping to guide a rational and effective flow of charity resources to left-behind children. The …read more

11th Annual Symposium of the China Foundation Forum successfully held in Fuzhou

11th Annual Symposium of the China Foundation Forum successfully held in Fuzhou

The 11th Annual Symposium by China Foundation Forum was successfully held on the 22nd and 23rd November 2019 in Fuzhou, Fujian. Entitled “A Shared Commitment to Original Aspirations and Common Development”, the conference attracted 1500 guests from over 600 local and international foundations and civil society organizations. The two-day event was packed with a series of keynote speeches, panel discussions, roundtable discussions, networking sessions and a gala dinner.

Recent case exposes vulnerability of left-behind children to sexual exploitation

The recently reported case of an 11-year-old girl being forced into prostitution in Hunan Province, which has attracted widespread revulsion, has again cast a spotlight on the plight of China’s “left-behind children”. The girl was reported missing on September 29th, and was found a week later working as a “hostess” in a hotel Karaoke parlour. She was found to have been sexually assaulted. Police detained seven people, but only charged two. Angry at how long the process was taking, the girl’s father went public on Weibo, with his posts arousing much concern on Chinese social media. A few days ago local police announced that the seven suspects had all been charged with either rape or facilitating …read more

Charity releases guidelines for the use of children’s information

The Children’s Public Welfare Development Center of the Leadership Matrix Network (北京博源拓智儿童公益发展中心), a Beijing organisation that focuses on the design and management of charity projects, has released new guidelines for the use of children’s information in the charity sector. The guidelines were officially released on November 20th, which was also World Children’s Day and the 30th anniversary of the adoption of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. This document represents a new attempt to create a normative guideline for charitable organisations in this field, after the Leadership Matrix Network’s previous guidelines for organisations and front-line workers who deal with children. The new guidelines aim to arouse more …read more

CASS releases blue book of corporate social responsibility for 2019

The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) has released the “Blue Book of Corporate Social Responsibility 2019”. The press conference for the Blue Book’s release was held alongside the second “Beijing Responsibility Exhibition” (北京责任展) on the 17th of November. The occasion was organized by the Institute of Economics of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and the China Social Responsibility 100 Forum. This is the eleventh consecutive year that the CASS research team releases the “Blue Book of CSR”, which has become the most authoritative and influential social responsibility research report in China. It systematically analyzes the top 100 state-owned enterprises, the top 100 private enterprises, the top 100 foreign companies, and …read more

New central committee document emphasizes role of social organizations as service providers

The Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee has reviewed and approved the “Decision of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on Adhering to and Improving the Socialist System with Chinese Characteristics and Advancing the National Governance System and the Modernization of Governance Capabilities” (hereinafter referred to as the “Decision”). An article by the Charity Times, China’s most respected publication on the philanthropy and non-profit sectors, notes that the document contains a few specifications that are of interest to charities and social organizations. Some of the requirements of the “Decision” relevant to the charity sector are as follows: “China will adhere to and improve the urban …read more

Professor Jia Xijin: the History of the Chinese Foundation

Professor Jia Xijin: the History of the Chinese Foundation

A talk by Professor Jia Xijin of Tsinghua University about the history and development of Chinese philanthropic foundations over the last few decades.

How Many NGOs Are There Really in China?

How Many NGOs Are There Really in China?

Observers often speak of hundreds of thousands or even millions of NGOs scattered across the country. But what basis do these estimates have?

The China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation deepens its involvement in Africa

On June 26, the international seminar “Global Management: China-Africa education cooperation and people-to-people exchanges” was held at the African Institute of Zhejiang Normal University. During the seminar Wu Peng, the director of the international development department of the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation (CFPA), gave a talk about the poverty reduction projects that the CFPA has been carrying out in Africa recently, setting a pioneering path for Chinese foundations. As Wu Peng explained, since 2007 the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation has carried out projects involving maternal and paediatric hospitals, school canteens, care packages, water cellars, and women’s professional training in countries including Guinea Bissau, Sudan, Ethiopia, Uganda, Namibia, and Ghana. They have …read more