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From NGO to Social Enterprise: An Interview with NPI and 724 Hub

From NGO to Social Enterprise: An Interview with NPI and 724 Hub

While the definition of social enterprise remained unclear in China, Chinese nonprofit organizations are drawn to the new moneymaking game, which many believe is the answer to achieve self-sufficient without losing their social mission. In this article, experts from social enterprise incubator 724 Hub and NPI share their advice on whether a NGO should turn to social enterprise, from a business perspective.

Nature-based solutions: 5 important publications by IUCN

Nature-based solutions: 5 important publications by IUCN

As the leading organization of the research and promotion of NbS, IUCN has published many relevant reports and journals, providing researchers and policy makers their expert guidance and suggestions. In today’s article by IUCN China, they listed out 5 publications that you must not miss

How Rural Education Can Be Turned Around - the Case of Dasendian

How Rural Education Can Be Turned Around – the Case of Dasendian

The story of how a small village school in Hebei escaped the fate of being shut down and turned into an example of innovation in rural education, thanks to the efforts of the principal and the support of civil society.

Beijing’s population revealed to have decreased in 2017

Editor‘s note This report is based on an article in Chinese published by a Wemedia account named 京事儿 . You can find the original here.    The “Blue Book of Beijing’s Population”, produced by the Research Centre on Beijing’s Population and Social Development of Beijing’s Municipal Party Committee School and the Social Sciences Academic Press, was officially released on the 9th of December. It reports on the current situation and the tendencies regarding Beijing’s population. Below are five findings from the Blue Book that can give you a picture of the situation at the macro-level.   The number of migrants and the registered population has dropped Since 1949, the population of Beijing …read more

Report outlines the development of community social organizations

Report outlines the development of community social organizations

China’s 12th National Five-year Economic and Social Development Plan Outlines, valid for 2011-2015, referred to urban and rural community social organizations (社区社会组织) as especially significant among social organizations. A report by the China Philanthropy Research Institute of BNU outlines some of the main characteristics of the development of such organizations over the first nine months of 2018. 1. The state at the central and local levels has launched policy documents to promote the development of community social organizations. The Ministry of Civil Affairs launched an official document entitled Opinions on the Development of Community NGOs on December 1, 2017. This document indicates that the government will devote more efforts and increase support to …read more

Third World Philanthropy Forum opens in Shanghai

Third World Philanthropy Forum opens in Shanghai

Editor’s Note This press release was originally produced by the World Philanthropy Forum.   On September 5, 2018, the third “World Philanthropy Forum”, hosted jointly by the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, Tsinghua University, University of Hong Kong and the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and co-hosted by the China Welfare Institute, raised its curtains in Shanghai. The forum was organized jointly by the Institute for Philanthropy Tsinghua University, the Social Work Education Center Tsinghua University and the China Friendship Foundation for Peace and Development, and co-organized by the Shanghai People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries. The first “World Philanthropy Forum” was held in Tsinghua University …read more

Experimental volunteering program for high school students takes place in Beijing

The Charity Times recently interviewed Guo Xinbao, director of the China Soong Chingling Youth Technology and Cultural Exchange Center (中国宋庆龄青少年科技文化交流中心), who introduced an experimental volunteer activity carried out by his center that can shed light on the development of youth volunteering in China. Guo explained that at present volunteering activities are like a one-way practice, in which the host provides the opportunity to take part, but the volunteers cannot really acquire practical program experience or knowledge. This sort of activity generally fails to attract the interest of the young. When it comes to traditional volunteering activities like picking up cigarette ends and wiping guardrails, parents tend to be less supportive due to safety …read more

Xiaojie Qin: Mental Health Concerns Everyone

Xiaojie Qin: Mental Health Concerns Everyone

Xiaojie Qin is the founder of CandleX, an organization that deals with mental health issues in Beijing. In this exclusive interview she talks to CDB about her work and what motivates her.

How an online platform aims to provide professional career advice to 40 million rural students

How an online platform aims to provide professional career advice to 40 million rural students

“Tomoroe” or 途梦 (Tu meng), the English name combining the words “tomorrow” and “to more”, is a not-for-profit project founded by Chongqing native Yang Xueqin that invites outstanding professionals from all walks of life to share stories of their professional journeys with middle school students in remote areas through online videos. The not-for-profit, to date, has invited over 500 professionals from 150 different professions to take part in live streams, benefitting the career developments of over 50 thousand students. From 2012 to 2014, Xue Qin worked as a teacher at “Teach for China” (美丽中国) in Lincang City in Yunnan, witnessing first hand the lack of vocational and career education resources …read more

Let's visit Beijing's first eco-community!

Let’s visit Beijing’s first eco-community!

Recently many people have been posting articles about the most environmentally friendly village in Japan, Kamikatsu, saying wouldn’t it be good if there was something like this in China? Did you know that there is also an environmentally friendly village in Beijing? It’s Changping’s Xinzhuang Village (辛庄村). In this village, not only do they practice clean environmental protection and no littering, there is also a vegetarian restaurant and every first Saturday of the month there is an environmental market! Join us and experience the village with us! Guests are welcomed to the village to the sound of the African drum music which accompanies you around the market. Even though the market …read more

Chinese-Dutch couple changes the lives of over 200 children by playing with them all day – the story of their immersion into Yunnan's rural life

Chinese-Dutch couple changes the lives of over 200 children by playing with them all day – the story of their immersion into Yunnan’s rural life

Editor’s Note This is an adapted summary of a report originally published by the “全民公益“ WeChat account. See the Chinese original here.   In Dehong Dai and Jingpo autonomous prefecture in Yunnan, a couple have put down roots in a village far from their own origins, creating miracles everyday for eigth years for the people who live there. How hard is it to teach children in the mountains? Here, in a place the locals call the “magical house”, a young married couple has made life more exciting than can be imagined. Lessons with dancing, painting, wilderness exploration, puppet shows, hiking… When children are motivated enough run to class from 15 …read more

Education in Sight: an Interview with Andrew Shirman

Education in Sight: an Interview with Andrew Shirman

An exclusive interview with Andrew Shirman, CEO and co-founder of Education in Sight, who talks to CDB about his efforts to bring eyeglasses to schoolchildren in rural China.

China Development Brief holds workshop for social organizations in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region

On March 20, CDB hosted a workshop for social organizations participating in the coordinated development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region (社会组织参与京津冀协同发展研讨会). Forty-six delegates from more than forty social organizations based in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei took part in the workshop, which was held in Beijing. Last year, CDB applied to conduct a Ministry of Civil Affairs project to improve the communication and resource integration among social organizations (as nonprofits are known in China) in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region. As part of the project a survey of 55 social organizations in the region was conducted, which found some problems in terms of the communication and resource integration between the organizations. Within the region, …read more

500 million Chinese reported to now have a family doctor

The Forum of Chinese Family Doctors was held in Beijing on the 17th of December. According to a recent report by the National Health and Family Planning Commission (NHFPC), which was quoted during the forum, more than 95% of the cities in China had launched a project to sign contracts with family doctors by November 2017, and more than 500 million people had family doctors, covering more than 35% of the total population. The figures have provoked a certain skepticism in Chinese Internet forums, where many complained that while they sincerely hoped this to be true, the fact is that they do not actually have a family doctor. What’s more, statistics published …read more

Parents of autistic children start a crowdfunding to build a 500-acre-town in Anhui for their children

The Beijing Kangnazhou Autism Family Support Center held an introductory and promotional event for its Xing Xing Xiao Zhen (星星小镇) program in Haidian District, Beijing on November 12. The main purposes of the event were to introduce the Xing Xing Xiao Zhen, a planned town that is specifically designed for children suffering from autism, and recruit more parents to develop the town together. Nearly a hundred parents of autistic children attended the meeting, most of them with children in their teens and 20s. The reference models of Xing Xing Xiao Zhen are the Zelkova Home (Keyaki no Sato) in Japan and the Camphill Communities. The Zelkova Home was established in …read more

Tencent confirms suspicions of machine-generated fundraising on the “9/9 Philanthropy Day”

Over a month has passed since this year’s 9/9 Philanthropy Day, which generated a total of over 1.3 billion Yuan in donations. Although the occasion was a success, there were also unfortunately some reports of fraudulent fundraising by members of the public. In response to these reports, on October 10 Tencent publicized the relevant statistics, confirming the existence of the problem. According to the statistics, there were 25,244 accounts that each donated more than 5 times within one minute, and the resulting 234,775 donations raised a total of over 7 million Yuan and generated 3.71 million Yuan of matching donations by Tencent. However, based on Tencent’s estimates, it normally takes …read more

Third “9/9 Philanthropy Day” raises 1.3 billion

This year’s “9/9 Philanthropy Day”, the third one held so far, generated a total of over 1.3 billion Yuan in donations, including 829.9 million Yuan from the public, 299.99 million Yuan from the Tencent Foundation and 177 million Yuan from social enterprises, according to figures published by Tencent itself. This represents a very significant increase over last year’s edition. Within the three days the activity took place, from September 7 to 9, a total of 829.9 million Yuan in donations from 12.68 million donors was raised through the Tencent Charity platform, making contributions to around 6,466 charitable projects in the areas of educational assistance, medical assistance, poverty alleviation and more. Last year’s edition …read more

The third “9/9 Philanthropy Day” coming up, donations for 600 million Yuan expected

The third annual “9/9 Philanthropy Day” online charity event will take place from the 7th to the 9th of September this year. Over 120 fundraising organizations and 6,700 charitable programs will participate in the event through both online and offline channels. One of the founders of Tencent and the Tencent Charity Foundation (腾讯公益慈善基金会, the Tencent Foundation in brief), Honorary President Chen Yidan, announced that this year the Tencent Foundation plans to contribute 299.99 million Yuan in donations. The total amount of donations is expected to reach around 600 million Yuan, including 309 million Yuan coming from over 300 social groups. The 9/9 Philanthropy Day was established in 2015 by initiative of the Tencent Foundation, …read more