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PKU starts China’s first MSEM program

PKU starts China’s first MSEM program

On September 15th, the opening ceremony of China’s first MSEM (Master of Social Enterprise Management) program and PKU Guanghua -Yintai Public Management Research Center was held at Alibaba auditorium by Guanghua School of Management of Peking University and Yintai Group (银泰集团). Xu Jing,  the executive director of MSEM program, hosted the ceremony. Lin Jianhua, president of Peking University, gave a speech at the event. Cai Hongbin, dean of Guanghua School of Management, and Shen Guojun, chairman of Yintai group, expressed their expectations of the program and gave their advice to the 27 students of this program. Ma Yun, CEO of Alibaba, then gave the first class. The program highlights the …read more

Seminar held as the kick-off meeting of the 4th China Charity Fair

On September 18th, the China Charity Fair (CCF) held a seminar with the theme of “philanthropic business development and global poverty alleviation”(善商发展与全球减贫) in Shenzhen, which marked the opening of the 3-day CCF(from Sept. 18 to 20). It was co-hosted by CCF’s Organizing Committee, All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce (中华全国工商业联合会), and China Charity Alliance(中国慈善联合会). Representatives from charity institutions, international organizations and businesses attended the meeting and made keynote speeches. This year’s CCF aims to set up a cross-field cooperation platform among governments, businesses and charities. Centering on themes such as corporate social responsibility, social innovation and international cooperation, the seminar explored new ways to bring business services into poverty alleviation. It also provided a …read more


CreditEase’s “YiNongDai” Project and Finding the Right CSR Partner

The sixth case study in CDB’s 2015 report on business-NGO relations in China looks at the successful CSR department of Beijing-based microcredit P2P company CreditEase.

The 4th Corporate Social Responsibility Salon held in Sichuan

On September 13th, the Western Big Businesses Forum / the 4th Corporate Social Responsibility Salon (西部大企业慈善论坛暨第四期企业社会责任沙龙), hosted by China Private Foundation Forum, was held in Chengdu. Keynote speakers of the forum include representatives from the Sichuan business circle, Dunhe Foundation (this year’s presiding organization) and China Merchant’s Charitable Foundation. It is hoped that by encouraging more business owners to participate in philanthropy, the development of the public welfare sector in southwest China will be significantly enhanced. Chen Guangguang, dean of School of Public Affairs and Law at Southwest Jiaotong University, presided over the forum. He said that private foundations in China have developed rapidly since 2008, and they are now working in …read more

Jinfeng Mining Company and Sustainable Community-Building

Jinfeng Mining Company and Sustainable Community-Building

The seventh case study in CDB’s 2015 report on business-NGO relations in China looks at the success that Jinfeng Mining Company, a natural resources enterprise, has had in cooperating with an NGO to create a sustainable community.

China Charity Fair launches the “Venture Philanthropy Partner Plan”

To narrow the information gap between philanthropic projects and supporting funds, China Charity Fair (CCF)  has set up a resource platform online. According to CCF‘s organizing committee, the platform has recently launched the “Venture Philanthropy Partner Plan” (社会创投合伙人计划) to provide more opportunities for the exhibited projects and organizations at CCF. Up until now, it has attracted the attention of more than 20 “partners” from charity funds, businesses, governmental departments and social groups. And a total amount of 63.67 million yuan has been raised to fund public welfare projects at CCF. By holding a road show of these projects in its No. 1 exhibition hall, CCF hopes to attract more project starters …read more

The 2nd China Social Finance Forum held in Beijing

The 2nd China Social Finance Forum (中国公益金融论坛), held in Beijing on September 7th, attracted over 600 participants from more than ten countries. During the meeting, more than 30 guest speakers shared their visions and practical experiences, and conducted in-depth analyses on topics such as new opportunities brought by the improved financial environment and Social Finance’s role in supporting sustainable development and promoting innovation.  Kevin Rudd, Australia’s former prime minister, gave a keynote speech at the forum. According to him, Social Finance is gradually becoming a global mainstream, and China’s awakening market will play a special role in the future development of Social Finance. CreditEase, the first fortune management organization providing philanthropic …read more

CSR and The China Women’s Network against AIDS

CSR and The China Women’s Network against AIDS

The second case study in CDB’s 2015 report on business-NGO relations in China looks at how CSR groups have helped the China Women’s Network against AIDS with their capacity building.

The Succesful Corporate Partnerships of Beijing's Hongdandan

The Succesful Corporate Partnerships of Beijing’s Hongdandan

The first case study in CDB’s 2015 report on business-NGO relations in China looks at the success that Hongdandan – a Beijing NGO that helps the visually impaired – has had in establishing corporate partnerships.

Effective Communication and Cooperation between Chinese NGOs and Businesses

Effective Communication and Cooperation between Chinese NGOs and Businesses

This article serves as an introduction to our new Special Focus on “Effective Communication and Cooperation between NGOs and Businesses”. Over the next few weeks we will be publishing ten case studies detailing partnerships between Chinese NGOs, foundations, and businesses.

China CSR Annual Meeting held in Beijing

For NGOs to carry out a program successfully, they must learn how to utilize modern business techniques.

Ministry of Civil Affairs launches its 9th “China Charity Award”

The Ministry of Civil Affairs (MOCA) has started the candidate selection process for its 9th China Charity Award (中华慈善奖). According to the MOCA, it is the highest charitable award given by the government and aims to commend organizations and individuals that have made outstanding contributions to China’s public welfare sector. Since 2005, the Award has been held 8 times and awarded to hundreds of organizations and individuals. According to the MOCA’s own article on the Award, it has helped to encourage people to get involved in charity, contributed to the development of China’s public welfare sector, and promoted a harmonious society.

The Growing Elitism in the Chinese NGO Sector

The Growing Elitism in the Chinese NGO Sector

CDB deputy editor Guo Ting asks the question “are professional Chinese NGO elites still representing the diverse interests of China’s different social groups?”

Insurance for NGO workers in China

A common problem for Chinese NGOers is that the community is often not well-paid. In this Xinhua article, Ling Zhou, the founder of “Yibao” Insurance for NGO workers, shares her insight on the working and living conditions of people working for Chinese NGOs.

Four characteristics of China’s response to the Nepal earthquake

According to a report on Chinese Nepal earthquake fundraising released by the Ministry of Civil Affairs (MOCA), China donated a total of 2.38 billion RMB worth of money and supplies to Nepal. The Journal of the CPPCC (人民政协报) analysed the report and summarised the four characteristics of China’s response to the Nepal earthquake as: 1. Government donations exceeded half the total donations According to the MOCA report 55% of the fundraising contributions came from the Chinese government while 24% were from social organizations. 2. Public fundraising According to the same report, the most popular method for donating for Nepal by public was through different online donating platforms. More than 530,000 people have donated a total of …read more

Law on eco-taxes gains momentum

Taxation on pollution and environmental damage – so-called “eco-taxes” – became a hot topic again during this year’s Liang Hui (annual meeting of the country’s legislature from March 5 to 15) when Jia Kang, former director of the Research Institute for Fiscal Science (RIFS) under the Ministry of Finance, again proposed speeding up work on legislation for eco-taxes. An official close to the Ministry of Finance said that works on legislation supporting eco-taxes is gaining pace and expected to be done in two years, but he also mentioned that experts and regulators are redoubling their efforts in the hope that it can be finished by the end of this year. …read more

Meeting on experimental charitable trusts held in Shenzhen

The Social Welfare and Charity Promotion Office of the Ministry of Civil Affairs (社会福利和慈善事业促进司) held a meeting on experimental charitable trusts in Shenzhen on March 13. The meeting aimed to discuss experimental projects of charitable trusts and solicit advice from experts. Meng Zhiqiang, associate director of Social Welfare and Charity Promotion Office, presided over the meeting. Participants of the meeting included experts in this field and representatives from related national and regional government agencies, charitable organizations, and financial organizations. The Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Civil Affairs shared their thoughts and plans concerning the experimental projects during the meeting. Experts in this area also shared their research and case studies of …read more

New spring festival donations trend: Hong Bao charity

The Chinese tradition of giving gifts of money in red envelopes (Hong Bao) during spring festival turned into a new fad for China’s internet users when internet giants Alibaba and Tencent both started offering electronic “Hong Bao” during the holiday. NGOs in China responded swiftly to this new trend. Deng Fei, founder of the “Free Lunch for Children” project, started an online initiative in February 9 calling on people to donate their digital “Hong Bao” to charitable projects. Other charitable organizations, notably Maitian Education Foundation and Bixing Youth Fund (碧心青少年关爱基金) quickly joined the cause and started their own initiatives. The result was exciting, Free Lunch, for example, raised 1.13 million …read more