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Competition between crowdfunding platforms turns violent in Hebei

A fresh round of controversy and recrimination has been sparked by a video showing staff from Shuidichou and Qingsongchou, two of China’s main crowdfunding platforms, coming to blows in a Hebei hospital. Shuidichou (水滴筹) and Qingsongchou (轻松筹) are both major crowdfunding platforms through which members of the public can fundraise to cover their medical expenses or other emergencies. The incident occurred in Hospital No.1 of the Hebei Medical University, in Shijiazhuang, on the 13th of April. As far as the media has reported, the trouble started after the Shuidichou workers, who were in the hospital to try and convince needy patients to crowd-fund through their platform, were reported for disturbing the patients and …read more

Man who crowdfunded for his sick son ordered to return the money

A Beijing court has ordered a man to return the over 150,000 Yuan that he had raised through crowdfunding platform Shuidichou to fund his son’s medical expenses. The man, named Mo Chunyi, published a request for aid on Shuidichou last April, in order to fund the medical fees for his son, who had been diagnosed with the rare and serious Wiskott–Aldrich syndrome. The target was set at 400,000 Yuan. Mr. Mo, who lives in Zhejiang, managed to raise 153,136 yuan through the platform within a few days. While the fundraising request was still active, the platform received a complaint claiming that Mr. Mo and his wife owned a street-front property that they could rent …read more