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China’s Preschool Education Law soon to be drafted

The National Department of Education announced on November 28 that the “pre-school education law” has entered the NPC’s legislative process. The Department is now drafting the document and establishing a mechanism of supervision. Lu Yugang, the secretary of the department of elementary education, said that related departments will improve supporting policies and establish long-term mechanisms to popularise pre-school education and improve its security. The implementation of the law will optimise the relevant facilities, and provide more training to administrative staff and the principals of kindergartens. Mr. Lu also said that it was important to strengthen the management of some specific problems which exist within pre-school education. The first problem mentioned …read more

A national system of subsidies for impoverished students takes shape

Editor’s Note This is a summary of an article published by the China Philanthropy Research Institute (CPRI) of Beijing Normal University on the 26th of November 2018. You can find the original here.    At present China’s system for subsidizing students suffering from financial hardship has basically taken shape. On average more than 20% of students around the country are considered to come from families with financial difficulties. In the western areas of China, the percentage rises to 30%. There are the three major features of the newly established system. First of all the system is very comprehensive, covering everything from preschool to higher education. 31 provinces have cancelled tuition fees and …read more

Tsinghua University’s facilities for disabled students in the spotlight

A dialogue between Tsinghua University and a disabled student named Wei Xiang preparing to attend the elite institution in Beijing recently attracted the Chinese public’s attention. In a public letter to the University, Wei Xiang addressed his family situation and asked whether the school could prepare a dorm room for his mother to live with him in order to better take care of him. In their reply, Tsinghua claimed that they will have a dorm room ready for the student and his mother, and that they would further waive his accommodation fee for the entire four years in college. At the end of the letter, Tsinghua encouraged the young man by writing: “although …read more

The Gaokao is here again, but what about educational equality?

Editor’s Note This is an abbreviated translation of an article that appeared in C计划-蓝方 on June 7th. The article appeared in conjunction with the beginning of the gaokao, China’s annual college entrance exam. The unequal grade requirements that students from different provinces face for getting into university constitute an endless source of debate and controversy. The “pluralist admission policies” mentioned towards the end of the article refer to the fact that there are now certain universities that admit students based on other factors as well as the gaokao, for instance their general grade average or internal examinations. Another round of the Gaokao (National College Entrance Exam) just kicked off on June 6th. The Gaokao …read more